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Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley: Every picture tells a story.

They say every every picture tells a story and as far as the photo at the top of this piece is concerned it is a sad and pathetic tale. For if ever there was an example of how far Sinn Fein’s leadership has been enticed into the mire of big business it is this photo of the north of Irelands very own ‘chuckle brothers’, Martin McGuinness alongside the religious bigot Ian Paisley when taking the begging bowl to the New York Stock Exchange. OK some might say having signed up for the mockney Stormont Administration Martin McGuinness as Paisleys deputy first Minister must go through the motions, perhaps but if so does he have to look like he is enjoying it so much. Ken Livingstone as Mayor of London has to mix in a similar unsavory environment but he manages to do it without losing his dignity.

The New York Stock Exchange is not some harmless and neutral force, but an organization which with a spin of its roulette wheel can impoverish billions of people around the world. We are now being told that whilst in New York one of the ‘Chuckle Brothers’ met Donald Trump; and attempted to entice him to come over to the north of Ireland and ruin part of the historic coastline with a housing project and golf course designed for the super rich. Trump is notorious for constructing these unsightly abominations around the world and to suggest Trump has no moral compass would be an understatement. After the construction of these so called millionaires paradises, the only advantages they bring to the local economy is at best minimum wage jobs. The disadvantages are numerous, not least once Trumps monstrosities are built in their wake come legions of mini monstrosities of the type favored by Ian Paisleys son.

In the past there have been rumors about Martin McGuinness being either a British informer or someone the UK State regarded as an asset worth protecting and encouraged his rise to the top of the greasy pole. I know nothing about any of this, but it does worry me that a man who claims to oppose both the British in Ireland and capitalism can appear so comfortable when he visits the powerhouses of global Capital.



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