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Is Tony Blair a candidate for a body bag?

On the day of the vote in the UK Parliament which was to endorse Tony Blair decision for the British military to take part in the USA led invasion of Iraq, I told my local MP who had telephoned me to explain why he was voting in favor of this illegal and obscene act, that Tony Blair was either the biggest charlatan to have ever held the office of British Prime Minister [PM] or the stupidest man ever to do so. Since that fateful day which brought untold misery on to the heads of the Iraqi people and not a little to the doors of the families of the dead and wounded UK service personnel. I have reconsidered my assessment of Mr Blair and concluded that far from being a either charlatan or fool, he is in human form an amalgam of these two sorry human traits.

That the MP in question claimed to believe Blair’s nonsense that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction that could strike at the UK or its interests within forty five minutes is for him and his conscience. I for one amongst millions of my fellow citizens new this to be a lie, not least because if Saddam had such a capability President Bush would not have considered going to war with him in the first place. For if Saddam could strike at the UK he could do the same to the USA and even the Thief in Chief in the White House would have been overruled by saner heads, or so I believed/hoped at the time.

One only had to look at the war’s the USA and it’s underling the UK have been involved in post WW2, to understand that they rarely if ever pick on someone of there own size. All the hype about Saddam and WMD’s were yet another example of the beating of the war mongers drum. The Nazi Herman Goering summed up this disgusting behavior on the part of reckless and opportunist politicians perfectly when he said,
“Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a fascist dictatorship, a parliamentary democracy, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”

So what made me change my mind about Tony Blair being either charlatan or fool, It was when on leaving office he accepted the job of Middle East envoy with special responsibility for Palestine, working on behalf of the USA, Russia, the UN and the EU. Apparently the US President George W Bush had lobbied the EU nations and the UN hard to attain this post for Blair, but more of this later.

It is difficult to come up with a more unsuitable person for this post than Tony Blair, he is hated by the Arab street and treated with contempt by the regions politicos, including the Israelis who understandably prefer to deal with the organ grinder rather than his monkey. As many leading EU politicians have commented since Blair’s appointment, he did nothing to help the Palestinians when as UK PM he possessed real power, thus he is unlikely to achieve anything without such power.

Thus only a very stupid and vain man would have taken this post, someone who truly believes the hype his subordinates placed in the worlds media about his great abilities and charisma. One only has to view the latest TV pictures of Blair floating helplessly around the middle east looking like a grubby women’s underwear traveling salesman to understand the game of playing ‘World Statesman’ is up as far as Blair is concerned. Whereas former leaders like Bill Clinton Nelson Mandela and to a lesser extent that mad old bat Thatcher retained their charisma despite no longer holding office. Blair is stripped bare with out the trappings of Office and revealed in all his nakedness as the flim-flam-man he in reality is.

None of this would have been ignored when the Bush White House decided to lobby on behalf of Blair for the middle east envoy post, for they had used this straw man to front their 21st century military crusade to the middle east, although admittedly with out much success within Europe. He was however party to the Bush White Houses decision making process in the run in to the invasion of Iraq. Did the fact that he was an outsider and not one of the tight clique that micro manages the Bush administration begin to worry them when it first emerged that Blair would be leaving Office as UK PM. After all unlike the majority of the Bush administration’s inner circle, Blair had never run naked in the Californian woods along side Dick Cheney, or pissed on their fellows when they were enrolling in the Skull and Bones fraternity.*

Could Blair’s Palestinian job have been the ultimate poisoned chalice from his right wing pals in the USA, if so he has supped on it greedily, as fools and charlatan’s are apt to do; and when he returns from one of his futile trips to the region in the same type of body bag he sent so many young British squadies to Iraq and Afghanistan to fill, and on a wicked lie at that, few will complain as it will be the justice this man is due.

* An elite Yale University society.



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Should Iraqi Translators be given Asylum in UK and USA?

The controversy that has erupted on the internet and within sections of the media, over whether Iraqi translators working alongside ‘Coalition’ Forces in Iraq, should be given political asylum in the United Kingdom and USA may not be all it seems. As clearly there are much wider implications to this story that go beyond the translators in question and it would be interesting to know who originally dropped this particular pebble into the WWW/media pond. Could it have been someone at the heart of the US or UK Administrations.

Those who are old enough will still remember vividly the TV pictures from the US Embassy in Saigon, when the last of the US armed forces and Embassy staff began to withdraw from Vietnam as the Vietcong/PAVN approached the outskirts of the city, thousands of panic stricken Vietnamese collaborators turned up at the Embassy and demanded that they and their families be given the sanctuary in the USA they had been promised. When this was refused due to a callousness in Washington and the swiftness of the Vietcong/PAVN advance into Saigon, which left the US forces on the ground without the time or means to ferry the majority of their former allies out of the country to safety. Tens of thousands of Vietnamese people who had given their loyalty to the USA for well over a decade, were left to the mercy of their Vietnamese enemies .

Could it be that having no desire to see a rerun on our TV screens of those tragic events, the US and UK governments are attempting to smooth an escape path for the thousands of Iraqis who have collaborated with the Coalition in occupied Iraq.

So far the campaign for asylum has centered on a comparatively small number of Iraqis who have been working in the field as translators for coalition forces. However if this group were to be given the green light to enter the US and UK, there is little doubt there would be a horde of fearful Iraqis on their tail, who have also taken the invaders shilling and who would be demanding the same right to asylum. Better for the two governments to acclimatize their own people with the likelihood of this now, than suddenly announcing a mass influx of Iraqi refugees in the wake of coalition forces being brought home.

Already many of those Iraqis who are on contracts working either directly for the coalition forces, or the multi nationals like Haliburton, have moved their families out of Iraq; and into the surrounding countries in the belief that if and when the US pull out begins, they will be reunited either in the USA or UK. For those Iraqis who have attempted to fill their pockets with coalition gold or even loose change, unless they sit near the top of the greasy pole their future at home looks bleak. Make no mistake everyone from former Government Ministers to the pool boy at the US Embassy will be applying for asylum and not without reason. For once the US either pull out or retire hurt to fortress like zones, the Iraqi people will understandably demand their pound of flesh from those who collaborated with the coalition forces, who have made their lives a misery over the last four years.

Far from being welcomed as allies, many if not a majority of people within the US and UK feel they have no obligation what so ever to these Iraqi people. Due to the increasing hostility to the war and occupation of Iraq, there is little sympathy towards those Iraqis who worked for the coalition forces. Many even regard them as Quislings to their own people who will have to answer to their own for their collaboration. Whilst politicians especially George Bush, the British Defense Minister Des Browne and their media gofers still talk about their armed forces in the language of the second war period, in reality few if any people believe their armies presence in Iraq is protecting them from invasion, occupation or personal harm; and almost nobody believes those service personnel who have had their lives stolen by Bush and Blairs disastrous decision to invade Iraq, died to protect their kith and kin back home.

The vast majority just want this infantile criminal war and occupation to end, and the last thing they want is to be reminded of it by having an Iraqi Quisling living next door. At best feeling that their tax dollars/pounds and armed forces removed Saddam from power and it is now for Iraqis to rebuild there land, thus their place for good or band is back home.

A harsh assessment it is true, but if one looks at the Algerians who collaborated with the French against the FLN in their struggle for independence; and who were re-settled to southern France after the French withdrew from north Africa. It is far from a success story, the French State all but abandoned them in a strange and hostile environment. Their children and grandchildren who were born in France are rightly bitter and angry and 50 years later are still having to fight for equality and respect. The reason for this betrayal of their former allies, was that few Frenchmen wished to be reminded of a disastrous war. When it comes to Iraq, I doubt the British or Americans will be any different.


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