The Blanket Editor appears on TV to discuss new movie on Bobby Sands and the legacy of the ‘long war’.

Last week I wrote a piece about the decision to cease publishing the Irish Republican ezine The Blanket; its co-founder and editor Carrie Twomey was interviewed last Thursday on the BBC current affairs program ‘Hearts and Minds’ *along with Richard O’Rawe, who was a contributor to The Blanket and the author of the controversial book ‘The Blanketmen,’ about the Irish republican prisoners blanket protests and the Hunger Strikes that they culminated in. The interviews start 11.49 minutes into the program, [see link below] after an interview with Lord David Trimble and a short piece by Newton Emerson.

The topic under discussion is how the media and history will view and portray the IRA’s 38 year insurgency in the north of Ireland, using the new film ‘Hunger’ previewed at the Cannes Film Festival last week as a tag, as the movie center’s on Bobby Sands imprisonment and hunger strike.**


*** Bobby Sands film wins prestigious award at Cannes, read more at,


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