A few choice words from one Muslim to another.

I came across the poem below whilst reading Tony Benn’s Diaries, 2001-2007. It was written by the poet and documentary film maker Mahmood Jamal.

You want to talk of war; I want to speak of peace.
You say punish; I say forgive.
You speak of God’s wrath; I speak of his mercy.
Your Qur’an is a weapon; my Qur’an is a gift.
You speak of the muslim brotherhood; I speak of the brotherhood of man.
You like to warn others; I like to welcome them.
You like to speak of hell; I like to speak of heaven.
You talk of lamentation; I talk of celebration
You worship the law; I worship the divine.
You want silence; I want music.
You want death; I want life.
You speak of power; I speak of love.
You search out evil; I warm to the good.
You dream of the sword; I sing of the rose petal.
You say the world is a desert; I say the world is a garden.
You prefer the plain; I prefer the adorned.
You want to destroy; I wish to build.
You want to go back; i want to go forward.
You are busy denying; i am busy affirming.
Yet there might be one thing on which we see eye to eye: you want justice; so do I.


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