James Connolly Memorial Lecture and Commemoration.

Across Latin America the struggle for social change is gathering momentum despite decades of repression and violence. In fact hundreds of thousands of people are actively involved in the struggle for more radical solutions to their problems, struggles that are shaping the very future of the continent.

This coming Saturday 10th May the annual James Connolly Memorial Lecture will take place in the Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Sq West, at 2-00pm.

The lecture will be delivered by Carlous Wimmer, Vice-president of the Latin American Parliament, and international secretary of Communist Party of Venezuela.

He will deliver his paper on the topic “Workers and the struggle for social change” in Latin America today with particular emphasis on the their effort to bring workers into a central role in the current phase of the Bolovarian revolutionary process in Venezuela.

Sunday 11th our annual Connolly Commemoration will take place at Arbour Hill Cemetery at 3-00pm. There will be a laying of wreaths and a short oration from both the Communist Party and the Connolly Youth Movement to honour James Connolly and all the leaders of the 1916 Rising.

After the ceremony we will retire to the Cobble Stone Pub, Smithfield for some light refreshments. You are invited to attend both these events.

Yours in solidarity
Eugene Mc Cartan


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