Tibet, China and the West; So many questions?

My Granddaughter sent me the ‘Hitler Olympics’ photo above, which she came across at Photo-bucket, it was taken during a pro Tibet demo and it got me to thinking about the gross hypocrisy of certain Western politician’s when it comes to Tibet. For Bush and Brown to condemn China over Tibet, when they have waded through Iraqi blood makes ones flesh crawl, but even Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is pushing it. For the German army has played a part in the NATO occupation of Afghanistan; and in the process propped up the City State of President Hamid Karsi. Perhaps the European Union’s leading politician’s should begin by putting their own houses in order before lecturing others.

I also feel we on the left should be somewhat reluctant to throw in our lot with the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, who claims he is the head of state and spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, yet to my knowledge he has never gained a democratic mandate. As far as I’m aware, the Dalai Lama believes god has appointed him to these positions, do we really what to align ourselves to a religious crackpot? I mean no offense to any believers who might read this, but just because we know little about this part of the world it does not mean we should turn a blind eye to religious sectarianism, no matter from where it is coming.

It is not as if the Tibetan Buddhist establishment, prior to the Chinese invasion of 1950-51, had a good track record as far as human rights and societal progress was concerned. Serfdom was still practiced within Tibet until the CCP takeover, and the main beneficiaries were undoubtedly the Buddhist monasteries and the senior monks within them. The fact that there was no Tibetan civil society to speak of when the Chinese invaded highlights the backwardness of Tibetan society. Sadly the Chinese government have done very little to rectify this problem, and for obvious reasons. Perhaps in the short term some sort of federal solution might benefit both the Tibetans and Hang Chinese who live in Tibet. However that should be for them to decide, not the government in Beijing or the exiled Dalai Lama in Dharamsala.

Which brings me to my main point, why are we so woefully ignorant of what goes on in China, I will give you an example, we know that the Chinese economy has been experiencing a boom, but we have little real understanding of what lays behind it? What is the Chinese Communist Party up to, are they engaged in a larger version of Lenin’s New Economic Policy or do they simply intend going the whole way and make China a fully fledged capitalist society where greed is good and to hell with the needs of the masses?

All the signs point to the latter, with health care gradually being privatized and Chinese government agencies using all of their powers, including terror, to smooth the way for big business, with sections of the State and Party bureaucracy turning themselves into international tycoons. Once Mao lost control of the cultural revolution, due to his own brutality and limited horizons, the bureaucracy hit back with a vengeance; and we have seen the reemergence of capitalist economic relationships, at first slowly, but gradually it has picked up a pace until today it seem more like a stampede.

If, as seems likely the Chinese stalinist bureaucracy has given up on socialism, then there are real dangers, not only for the Chinese masses but also for us workers in the west. For what you will have is a powerful state machine, civil and military, which is cushioned from the tiresome problems of daily life and which is in the pockets of an emerging capitalist ruling class that will have no hesitation about using the most brutal means to maintain itself in power and to defend its property. As history has shown the Chinese masses will put up with a great deal, but periodically they explode into revolutionary violence. Having come to power on the back of such an explosion the CCP understands this only to well, fearing democracy above all else they will create a high tech, twenty-first century police state, that uses the language of freedom and progress when the reality is the direct opposite. Welcome to 1984.



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2 responses to “Tibet, China and the West; So many questions?

  1. Anonymous

    Referring to your last statement, it would mean China is doing exactly what the U.S. is now doing-creating “…a high tech, 21st century police state, that uses the language of freedom and progress when the reality is the exact opposite. Welcome to 1984.”…indeed.

    Maybe this is why G.W. Bush(initially) gave China “most favored trade partner” to the U.S. status.

  2. Mick Hall

    “Maybe this is why G.W. Bush(initially) gave China “most favored trade partner” to the U.S. status.”


    Yes indeed.


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