Retired General Challenges Journalist To A Duel.

A retired Turkish Army General who disagreed with how a journalist has been reporting events has come up with a novel way of dealing with press criticism, although the action he decided upon does epitomizes a certain lack of tolerance within some circles of the Turkish establishment. After supporting in print the governments investigation into a ‘deep state’ organization which went by the name of the Ergenekon Group, Turkish Journalist Şamil Tayyar, who works for the Star newspaper and is based in Ankara came under a barrage of criticism from secular forces.

However for a recently retired army General by the name of Eslen, simply firing off a few critical words in an email would not give him the satisfaction he demanded, so he challenged Tayyar to fight a duel, Tayyar takes up the story.
“As soon as he mentioned a duel I thought he was out of his mind. Some close friends said that Eslen Pasha walks around carrying two weapons and challenges anyone who angers him to a duel; yet I assumed someone like that couldn’t possibly be a General, so I did not reply to him. But he then repeated his call the next day and said: ‘Are you scared? I asked you for a duel. My offer is still valid if you have the courage.’
“You see where the situation in the country is going and how people’s thoughts are poisoned. You talk about deep State gangs and you become a target,” Tayyar commented.

Indeed, or perhaps this is just another sign of the 19th Century mindset that I mentioned in yesterdays article? Mind you it is a novel way to remove ones critics and political opponents, if you are a good shot that is. Perhaps Ken Livingstone should challenge Boris Johnston to a duel as the sun comes up on London’s Hampstead Heath rather than trust his political fate to the electorate come May 1.

Or over in Ireland, where Squinter aka Robin Livingstone a columnist on Belfast’s Anderson Town News recently wrote a piece that took the smile of Gerry Adams face. Instead of sending his close advisers round to demand an immediate retraction and apology, perhaps Mr Adams should have sent his second Martin McGuinness along, glove in hand to gently slap the cheek of ATN publisher Máirtin O’Muilleoir and both men could have settled their differences at twelve paces pistols in hand, although I am not sure what John de Chastelain of the Arms Monitoring Commission might make of that.


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