Afghanistan/Iraq:“It’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that."

One of the most revolting acts to witness of late, is the preponderance of British government Ministers, their shadow Tory equivalent and MP’s who voted in favor of the war on Iraq, appearing on TV and radio to tell us that we ordinary mortals must be ever grateful to the members of the British armed forces who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and who in the process are risking life and limb so that we citizens can sleep safe in our beds. Of course there is nothing new in such jingoistic drivel, Rudyard Kipling, who paid a terrible price for his war mongering wrote his poem Tommy long ago in which he partially deals with such wretchedness.

“For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Chuck him out, the brute!”
But it’s “Saviour of ‘is country,” when the guns begin to shoot;
An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
But Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool – you bet that Tommy sees!”

To hear a British Defense Minister or a member of the opposition front bench, blabbering away about how our boys are fighting on our behalf in Afghanistan and Iraq, is not only gut retching nonsense. It is also an attempt by the Government and conservative opposition, whom I might add supported the Blair government without question when it came to sending British troops into Iraq, to share the guilt around for these disastrous and totally unnecessary wars. That the Government and opposition front bench seriously believe that the British people are going to take the guilt for the Iraq war from the politicians shoulders and place it on their own, simply highlights how far these politicos are out of touch with the public mood on this issue.

The last time such jingoistic drivel was heard on this scale from leading British politicians, was during WW1, when almost all mainstream politicians acted as recruiting sergeants for the slaughter that was taking place; and by doing so they helped send millions of young men to their deaths in what was a cruel and unnecessary war. The slaughterhouse that was WW1, eventually cut into the British psyche deeply and to such an extent that even Thatcher dare not come out with the trashy warmongering of the type we have heard from todays crop of leading Westminister politicians. She simply stated the Falklands war was being fought for the freedoms of people who were as British as those who lived in Kent.

What Brown and Cameron have been saying to their ever lasting shame is that young squddies and aircrew have been laying down their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan for those back home. Of course the squadies themselves are having none of this opportunist rubbish, when asked who they were fighting for in a recent documentary, a group of British soldiers serving in Afghanistan replied almost in unison,”each others survival.”

They understand perfectly that they are engaged in a futile endeavor and the only way their presence in Iraq and Afghanistan will have an impact on their families lives in the UK, would be in a detrimental manner, when some young Muslims become so enraged by the deaths of their co-religionists due to the British armed forces presence there, they take it into their heads to explode a device within the UK.

As with the thirty year conflict in the north of Ireland, both government and opposition due to the sterility of their political position, cling together for they realize if they do not they will be damned individually. Both the Labour Government and Tory opposition voted for what they both new was an illegal war and was regarded throughout most of the world as a criminal enterprise. These political minnows could only see the big fish in the pond, opportunists to the core and with little concept of history they clung to Bush for dear life believing the USA was all powerful and there would be spoils for all. Failing to understand that eventually a collective shoal of Piranha fish can do more damage than a great white.


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