Fitna: Crass Islamophobic bigotry

The Dutch islamophobic provocateur and right wing politician Geert Wilders has finally released his short film Fitna. Having seen it, its about the nastiest piece of anti Islamic propaganda as it is possible to make, the likes of which Leni Riefenstahl Hitler’s favorite filmmaker would have been proud. It would be extremely interesting to know who funded this cinematic rant.

What Wilders has done is search the worlds film achieves for the most bigoted and hateful Muslims he can find and then cut images of them ranting into his movie. He has also enhanced the suffering the West has experienced at the hands of those who claim to be acting on the will of god, whilst totally excluded the countless Muslims who have been the victims of organizations such as al-Qaeda in Iraq. More Iraqi Muslims have been killed in terror bombings etc carried out by the likes of al-al Qaeda in Iraq than all the people killed in Madrid, New York and London at the hands of the same wretched fanatics. Yet Wilders does not feel these victims deserve a mention in his film, for he has a hierarchy of victims and Muslims do not figure on his scale. Nor does he consider the role United States foreign policy might have played in allowing some of the ghastly people who are pictured in his film coming to prominence. Bin Laden for example first came to prominence in Afghanistan due to having gained US support, the same is true of Hamas and Israel.

IM not against this video being shown, as unlike many on the right, whether Christians or Muslims, I am opposed to censorship, although I cannot see what purpose it will serve bar bringing the bigots out of the woodwork and playing tricks with the minds of the gullible. For me all religion is the curse of human kind, although I accept millions are sincere in their religious beliefs, but I believe firmly that religion must be a personal choice and society must be secular. In this I oppose the prominent roll of the Church of England in the UK and the same goes for the Islamic faith in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran. The state must be secular for it is the only way all religions and non believers can be treat equally.

I could have, if I had the skill or the cash, have made a similar movie about any one of the world major region’s. Indeed historically the record of Islam compared to Christianity is almost pacifist. For in the age of imperialism the Christian faith was exported throughout the word on the end of a bayonet and with disastrous consequences for the indigenous populations of the countries who fell victim to it.

As Robert Runcie MC, a former Archbishop of Canterbury once said, without Christianity there would have been no Auschwitz. Runcie new what he was talking about, for not only was he a religious scholar, he was among the first British troops to enter Bergen-Belsen. True indeed, but only a fool would judge one of the words great religions by the behavior of some of the most evil and brutal people who profess to practice it. Thus Fitna and its maker Geert Wilders should be treated with contempt.


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