Obituary: Leon Greenman, Auschwitz surviver and fighter against Fascism.

Many on the left will have know the familiar face of Leon Greenman, whether it was from the many demonstrations, pickets and meetings against fascism that he attended or because they had attended one of the countless Talks and Lectures Leon has given about his experiences whilst a prisoner in Auschwitz. Whilst Leon survived his time in that hellish place, his young son and beloved wife did not and he felt he had a duty and obligation to them and all those who perished in the nazi camps to tour the country and wider world and remind us all of the mortal dangers of fascism, in all its forms As Claire Dissington writes in her obituary of Leon in todays Guardian,

“Had it not been for those terrible events, he would have happily lived the quiet life of a
Husband, father and grandfather. Leon had that option stolen from him. But he fought so that others would be free to enjoy.

Dissington’s full Obituary can be found here.


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