The unfairness and gross hypocrisy of the West.

Todays edition of the Guardian newspaper, (07.03.08) led with a story about eight youngsters at an East Jerusalem school being killed by a Palestinian gunman. The article included an obscene statement from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who said the attack was a “defining moment,” “an arrow aimed at the heart of the peace process so recently revived.” It seems for Mr Miliband and his ilk, the 118 Palestinians recently killed by Israel and the hundreds injured when the IDF command sent infantry soldiers and tanks, along with air and artillery cover into the Gaza strip, had no bearing on the ‘peace process.’

In no way am I justify the targeting of school children, whether Israeli or Palestinian, but to over look the Israeli aggression, which down the years has caused the death and injury of countless Palestinian children, cannot but help perpetuate the State of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. For the source of the current conflict is not Hamas or the PLO, but the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, where the Israelis are tormenting the population against international laws and civilized norms. If Miliband wishes to say something constructive he should demand Israel withdraws all of its armed forces from the land they occupied in 1967 and 73 and which are covered by UN resolutions.

On page twenty-two of the same edition of the Guardian, there was a single paragraph report from a news agency headlined, ‘Bomb blast kills 55 in Baghdad shopping area.’ The way these two stories were reported and the comments from Mr Miliband highlight perfectly the priorities of the British government and the British media, is it any wonder the Arab Street rages against the unfairness and gross hypocrisy of the West.


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One response to “The unfairness and gross hypocrisy of the West.

  1. Robert

    sad to say we must stop killing the young of this world they are the chance of getting out of this mess, if we can make the young understand this stupidity is getting us nowhere and peace is the only way forward, Israel will win, it will move one day and take Palestine, and I think Iran will act, America will protect it’s interests in Israel and Russia will protect Iran, world war 3.

    I’ve actually had enough of guns and blood and death.

    We have to have another way forward and it’s through our children without the baggage of hate.

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