Banksy; An artist whose work epitomizes organized rage at its best

I have always loved and admired the work of the artist Banksy, as for me it epitomizes organized rage at its best, and make no mistake Banksy is raging against the crass stupidity and greed that we come up against in our daily lives. Banksy’s work on the obscene and illegal wall that partitions Palestine is a treat, with this work the artist was able to indict the Israeli government in the court of international public opinion and show the world just how inhumanly the Israeli State and its US financiers and armorers treat the Palestinian people who live in the West Bank and Gaza..

I know nothing about the human being behind the work; and nor do I wish or need to, as the work says it all with its anger, compassion and hatred of oppression and the hostile reaction it provokes from the institutions that over see our lives. Take the BBC’s reaction to his latest work which appeared, as his work always does mysteriously, this time on the wall of a family run pharmacy in Essex Road, Islington. One would have thought the report would have analyzed the content of the piece and questioned what meaning lay behind it, but no, none of this was included in the video clip shown on the local BBC London TV news, all the front of camera hack could talk about was how much the piece was worth and how would the local pharmacist, the owner of the wall maximize his profit. If the shallow minded journo had looked beyond the price tag mentality he would have seen a near perfect indictment of the world we are currently living in.

More of Banksy’s work can be seen here,



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4 responses to “Banksy; An artist whose work epitomizes organized rage at its best

  1. Swineshead

    It’s not particularly inspiring…. take a look at the review on Watch With Mothers…

  2. Mick Hall


    WWM review and comments are the normal sniping, no it is worse than that, those who have commented have been taken in hook line and sinker by the art industries, i e it is all about the price and intellectualism.

    What is good about banksy is he controls his/her product from start to finish and he refuses to be the creature of the media, no matter how much the papers write him/her up.

    Again to view his work as if one is an art critic [ahha give me my revolver] misses the point, his work is all about content and where and when it appears. i.e. on a street near you.

    The thing is not about tescos only, it is all about the type of society we live in, i e tescos etc making cash out of running schools, health care etc whilst we worship at the alter of consumerism and neo-liberal capitalism, with all the wretchedness that entails.

    all the best


    I’m also a great admirer of Banksy. I love his girl with baloon and, well, all his stuff really. I just wish he’d pay a visit to Wicklow and stencil something on my wall;)

  4. Mick Hall


    It must be great to wake up one morning and find that Banksy has paid you a visit during the night and left a picture on your wall. Although knowing my local council they would send out the anti graffiti squad to remove it 😉

    All the best

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