EU and UN bureaucrats shrug, whilst Israel’s IDF murders Palestinian civilians

If ever there was a need for a clear example of the double standards and gross hypocrisy that is far to often displayed by the United Nation’s and European Union when it comes to the Palestinians, one need look no further than their response to Israel’s latest military onslaught against the population of the Gaza Strip. In a mealy mouthed manner the spokesperson’s for these two powerful organizations said that Israel’s response to Hamas firing rockets into Israel is disproportionate. In other words in the warped minds of the EU/UN bureaucrats, who accept Israel’s right to kill Palestinians, it would have been more helpful if the Israelis had not killed quite so many Palestinians. To kill the odd man, woman or child is fine, but 60 in one day is over the top, as it makes it difficult for the EU/UN to explain away their refusal to act against Israeli aggression and come to the defense of the Palestinians.

The UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband is equally complicit in Israel’s crimes when he said, “Israel’s right to security and self defense is clear and must be reiterated and supported,” that he then had the effrontery to talk about international law shows what a moral sewer he lives in. Israeli occupation of the West Bank and its onslaught on Gaza breaks just about every international law in the book plus countless UN and EU resolutions.

It was bad enough that this wretched mountebank of a British Foreign Secretary attempted to dress murder and mayhem in the coat of the rule of Law, but that was not all; Miliband denies the right of self defense to the Palestinians, the only people in this equation who have the absolute right under international law to defend themselves by all means at their disposal. As is the way these days, white becomes black, fact fiction and the most basic of human rights, the right to resist and oppose aggression and occupation is turned on its head, in support of the occupier and aggressor.

Those Palestinians who refuse to bend the knee are blanketed as terrorists and the ordinary people who voted them into office become fair game. In Gaza over 96 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured over the last four days of the Israeli Defense Force onslaught, the majority civilians. Yet still the UN and EU defend Israel’s right to attack the Palestinian people who live within Gaza. Is it any wonder countless Israeli governments have refused to negotiate seriously a withdrawal from the Palestinian lands they occupy.

To get an idea of the suffering the IDF is inflicting on the Palestinian people who live in Gaza, read Rory McCarthy report in the Guardian here,



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2 responses to “EU and UN bureaucrats shrug, whilst Israel’s IDF murders Palestinian civilians

  1. Jemmy Hope

    Expose the hypocrisy! These people are so selective in which mass murderers and ethnic cleansers they choose to condemn.
    I wonder what happened to our well paid, well fed Middle East Peace (sic) Envoy. You know, the one the Yanks call Britpoodle, and we call War Criminal.

  2. DaithíÓ

    Last week a BBC (yes the corporation David Vance claims is biased against Israel) reported one of those sickening attacks on civilians in refugee camps thus:

    10 Palestinians were killed, most of them combatants. (or words to that effect).

    There was absolutely nothing to substantiate that claim, no witness statements, just the words of one reporter. However the average listner will, in trusting the BBC, take it as fact. That’s a disgrace!

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