Prince Harry: the Princely sum of a Publicity Junket.

When I watched the TV news or saw the newspapers photos of Betsy Windsor’s grandson ‘Harry’ posing as a British army killing machine, I had to pinch myself, finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that almost 55 years after I watched Betsy’s coronation on a flickering black and white TV, the British monarchy is still at the centre of the British way of life and the British media is still wetting itself when a member of this strange, archaic, poisonous and dysfunctional family come into sight of their viewfinders.

As children we were all given a coronation mug in celebration of Betsy being anointed Queen, which if you think it through shows that some establishment apparatchik was having a great laugh at our expense. At the time my parents were working on a farm which they had been brought to on a false promise of a tied cottage. Instead we were offered a badly converted rat infested barn which was owned by the local ‘lady of the manor’ and in return for which my mother was expected to work as an unpaid housekeeper for this aristocratic, miserly creep. My parents with two young children had no choice but to accept this gross exploitation, as they needed somewhere to live until my Dad could find a job else where on a farm which had an actual tied cottage thrown in which we could live.

On the morning of the Coronation, this thing Lady Harvey, * who had been a lady in waiting to some royal wastrel, had all the village kids rounded up to watch the coronation on her TV set whilst she lorded over us. None of us wished to be there as we had better things to do that sit absolutely still and quiet whilst she told here guest just how lucky we were to be able to watch the Coronation on the only TV in the village. When the interminable coronation finally came to an end, we children were ordered by Harvey to stand and sing God save the queen.

Never did I think that 54 years later the Windsor’s would still be living in great luxury at our expense and in the process continuing to perpetrate the most wretched class system in the world. Take the recent silly kerfuffle over ‘Harry’s boys’ recent publicity trip to Afghanistan, and the way the media and government toadied and conspired to keep it a secret from the UK taxpayers who paid the bill. Even Newspapers like the Independent and Guardian conspired with the wishes of the House of Windsor/British government on this. The argument being that to do otherwise and to have made ‘Harry boys’ presence in Afghanistan public would have endangered not only his own but other solders lives.

Perhaps, although if the media had not been acting as the publicists for the House of Windsor and the governments war in Afghanistan, they might have asked just what ‘Harry’ was doing in Afghanistan when the Chief of the UK Defense staff had already decided not to send him there, as his presence might endanger those who served alongside him. So what if anything changed his mind? Could it be that whilst the General Staff were unwilling to allow ‘Harry’ to go to Afghanistan on active service, they were quite happy to allow him to make a publicity film in that poor blighted land, as long as he kept well back from the front line.

If so it makes a nonsense of 99% of the British medias coverage of this event, as they have gone over board and excelled themselves as the most class ridden, servile and groveling tool of the powerful. For instead of exposing this publicity jamboree for what it was, it portrayed the royal offsprings recent outing to Afghanistan as front line soldiering, an officer and a gentleman leading his men courageously in battle. In reality even a cursory glance tells one the whole thing was a disgraceful sham and nothing more than a photo opportunity. ‘Harry’ boy was filmed sauntering down a mockney Afghan Street at a leisurely pace, playing football a la Beckham, although instead of a beach the desert was used as the picturesque backdrop.

Compare the media coverage of the Royal princeling in Afghanistan with videos taken by front line soldiers or even Ross Kemp’s recent documentary; and ‘Harry’s’ publicity tour is exposed as a complete perversion of the truth; and an insult to all the young men and women who are in the front line in Afghanistan and the 87 British service personnel who have had their lives stolen in Afghanistan due to the UK governments nonsensical military adventure there.

* *These aristos are still about flaunting their great wealth, although they now live on their large estate in East-Anglia, one of their brood not long ago tried to become the UKs answer to Paris Hilton, no knickers and all.


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