Barak Obama: Is he Politically an empty vessel?

Since I first blogged about Barak Obama nothing he has said or done has made me change my opinion of him. I believe he is politically an empty vessel of the type we Europeans have had some experience of. As similar straw men have governed the UK, France and Italy in recent years. They are full of what the game show industry calls catch phrases, but which in reality are meaningless words, in Barak Obama’s case it is ‘hope’ ‘change’ and the like. All of which have come from a publicists pen. I would bet a pound to a penny before this Presidential campaign is out, Barak will even prattle that he ‘feels the hand of history on his shoulder,’ just as one of his European counterparts once did.

Of course it is no accident that the working classes in the US are seeing through Obama’s flannel and are refusing to support him in great numbers, whilst the media is portraying this as racism, in reality it is because many workers feel Obama’s platform is extremely lite when it comes to the policies he would implement if he were to become President; and the days when they would give a politician the benefit of the doubt are long gone, thus they err on the side of caution and vote for Mrs Clinton.

Even more interesting is the support the neo conservatives are giving to Barak Obama, whether at a national or local level. The bigger Capitalists like Rupert Murdoch placed his tabloid the New York Post behind Obama just before the primary in New York State; and we have had at a local level a clutch of confirmed Republicans signing up as Democrats and voting for Barak Obama in the primaries.

The latest is columnist and blogger Richard Devevan who has just posted a blog to this effect. Richard has been a ferocious supporter of GW Bush and has been at the forefront in Ireland of defending the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Now almost overnight he is supporting Barak Obama, yet he admits he has not changed his political opinions.

He did this by simply visiting the Dublin Democrats Abroad office, signing up and he was then able to vote for Obama in the Democratic primary. One wonders just how many of Obama’s votes have come about due to this process, or people switching to the Democrats within the USA. Looking at the TV pictures of the people queueing to get in to Obama’s public meetings, the majority appeared to be more like Republican middle class voters than traditional Democrats.

Some might believe this is sour grapes on my part and I admit I would prefer Hillary Clinton, as I see her as the best candidate, not least because the electorate will know what they are getting when the vote for her, the same is true with John MacCain. As I mentioned above I cannot help thinking that with Barak Obama, people may believe they are getting someone who will bring about progressive change but who in reality will be a tool of the multinational corporations and the super rich.

Could it be that like their British counterparts in the 1990s, who deserted the Tory Party for New Labour, the US representatives of big business understand only to well that it is highly unlikely a Republican candidate will take the White House this year, and in any case John MacCain is not to their liking. So they are attempting to infiltrate the Democratic Party with a candidate who will be pliable enough to push their agenda, and fool enough to carry on with G.W. Bush’s foreign policy adventures which have enriched them beyond their wildest hopes.

If you substitute the word ‘change’ for ‘new’ and close your eyes, Barak Obama sounds very much like Tony Blair, Silvio Berlusconi and Nicolas Sarkozy when they were first seeking office. All three spoke elegantly about “making a break with the failed politics and policies of the past.” Yet once in office they became the willing Tools of the multi-nationals and the economically wealthy and we ended up with more of the same. The key to understanding Barak Obama’s politics is his refusal to commit his Presidency to the introduction of a universal health care program free at the point of need.


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