Israeli State perpetrating grave crimes in Gaza.

It is high time the world woke up to the crimes the Israeli government is committing against the people who live in the blockaded Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank. When those who are party to these crimes are eventually brought to book, none us will be able to say we new nothing about the crimes the Israeli government are perpetrating in Gaza, as they have filled our TV screens nightly and make no mistake crimes they are, as to cut off vital supplies of electricity and fuel (and therefore water, since the pumps cannot work), as well as essential foodstuffs, medicines and other humanitarian supplies amounts to a collective punishment, which under the Fourth Geneva Convention constitutes a clear and unequivocal war crime.*

This situation is made far worse by the fact that the government of the USA has actively encourage Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip and those governments who make up the EU Nations have acquiesced to this war crime, which the Israeli administration has taken as being given a green light.

That some Jewish people are participating in what amounts to having created a massive ghetto for the Palestinians who live in the Gaza Strip cannot but break your heart, for the Jews themselves know more than most the suffering that is inflicted by corralling and containing people by force of arms within a small confined geographical space.** It is time the whole world demanded that this abominable injustice and crime is brought to an end. No matter how small we all have a part we can play in ending a blockade and occupation that shames us all.

Below are three URL’s
1/ The Fourth Geneva Convention that sets out in law that collective punishment is a crime.
2/ A call by a group of Israelis for Urgent Action to be taken to end the blockade of the Gaza Strip.
3/ An article by Karen Koning AbuZayd, commissioner general of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, in which she writes about the desperate plight of the people of the Gaza Strip and clearly states that they are victims of a war crime.



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2 responses to “Israeli State perpetrating grave crimes in Gaza.

  1. Anonymous

    Well sadly until somebody has the guts to say look we are going to back Palestine with money guns and tanks, they have had it, Israel will have peace when Palestine is called Israel

  2. WorldbyStom

    Ironic, is it not how an almost perfect balance has been achieved between the political utility of the rhetoric of Palestine struggle for retaining a degree of cohesion in neighbouring states such as Saudi and the pragmatic utility for Israel to have a large population on its borders who it can access or not as required. The problem for the Palestinians is that they have no champions. The Saudi’s et al aren’t interested, other than rhetorically. Europe etc are too far away and unable to exercise economic power. The US is too deeply wedded to being an ally (but certainly no friend – not on a real level – to Israel, because if it were it would advise it to engage and engage before the paradoxes and contradictions implicit in settlement etc actually engulf Israel as a viable polity).

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