Barack Obama: A candidate straight out of Wall Street central casting

It is to early in the campaign for me to get to excited about the 2008 US Presidential election, but it is interesting how the worlds media seems to be wetting itself over Barack Obama, which in itself should be a bit of a wake up call for all progressives. In my opinion Obama lacks political gravitas and seems to me to be in the mould of the European clean skin politicians that have emerged in the last decade, such as Angela Merkel, Tony Blair and David Cameron, Obama’s language is also very similar, slick but meaningless politically. I noticed he has refused to come out in favor of universal health care free at the point of need. If one takes into account that for many US families, health care costs is one if not the most pressing problem they face, then his stance is cowardly to say the least, the more so when one takes into account that the private health care industry is the most powerful political lobby in the USA.

I also noticed that when US members of the Republican Party based in London were asked by the BBC who they would choose if they were voting in the Democrat Primaries, they unanimously opted for Obama. It should also not be over looked that European reactionaries have nothing but kind words to say about Obama, the UK Tory Party leader David Cameron put it on record that he “hugely admired” Barack Obama.

So who is Barack Obama, for me he comes straight out of Wall Street central casting, a clone of the type of black President’s who are portrayed in movies and hit TV shows like 24. His politics are conservative without any hint of a connection with the radical US Afro American struggle for equality and civil rights. He is physically good looking, with a pretty wife and two beautiful children, who are still young enough to avoid the gaze of the tabloids and thus land his campaign in trouble. His close association with the US TV tycoon Oprah Winfrey is very revealing, for although she partially came to prominence on the backs of Black America, her actual wealth and fame came about courtesy of the US Multi National Corporations via middle-American TV viewers.

In many ways Barack is an ideal candidate for Corporate America, as the color of his skin hints at the prospect of great change, when in reality an Obama Presidency would mean business as usual, even in Iraq, in other words no change at all.

Forget Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson, these people have never been on Obama’s political radar, nor did he ever emphasize with them and theirs. His soul mates within the Black Community can be found on Wall Street, in the media and the big multi national legal corporations; his role models are reactionaries such as Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, who incidentally whilst a Republican himself and a one time gofer for both of the Bush Presidencies, has said he is pleased by Barack Obama’s success, which I would suggest tells one a great deal about this candidates politics. As to Obama’s skin color, it is relevant only in that it it will act as a hook to reel in the more gullible middle class liberal voters. It is no accident that he has been able to build up a massive war chest much of which has come from Corporate America.

Just as Powell and Rice gave the Bush administration an ethnic face, if elected Obama will give Corporate America a progressive glint. If any one seriously believes Barack Obama will withdraw the US military from Iraq and Afghanistan and will help create a fairer more equitable society in the USA, then they are in for a shock. For Barack Obama represents more of the same although perhaps with a slightly more human ‘media’ face. To misquote Hermann Göring, if a US Presidential candidate tells the electorate that they intend to bring about change, reach for your revolver, for the only change such people will initiate is reactionary change.



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9 responses to “Barack Obama: A candidate straight out of Wall Street central casting

  1. Joseph

    Because leaving Wall Street to work to fix poor communities in Chicago is so non-progressive isn’t it? I guess writing and pushing through a bill opposed by both Republicans and Police to require that all police interrogations be recorded on video isn’t progressive either, huh? Or to enact anti-lobbying statutes that are acknowledged by everyone to have given Illinois the strongest anti-lobbying provisions of any state? Or to enact federal legislation to put all earmarks into a publicly searchable data-base to increase spending transparency?

    You make it sound like it’s bad that he’s respected by people from the other side? Seriously, instead of talking trash, do some research about what the guy is about. If you ‘progressives’ are so unrealistic that you can’t see that Obama provides the first and best realistic shot in decades of getting a true progressive and a true liberal into the White House, with a newer and stronger coalition for the democratic party, you absolutely deserve to have Republicans set the terms of the debate for the next 20 years, just as they have for the past 20.

  2. Mick Hall


    The real question for me, is why if Obama were a progressive would he have ended up working in Wall St in the first place. You say he went on to work fixing poor communities in Chicago, with respect this sounds like he went out to help the natives, somewhat patronizing do you not think, were his pockets full of beads and shinny things.

    I read a biog of Obama in the press which included the Chicago stuff you mention, I would bet money it was part of a handout from Baracks publicity people.

    Joseph if you genuinely feel he will be a progressive President fine give him your support, I just do not see it myself, although if he wins the Presidency and proves me wrong, no one will be more pleased than myself

    Keep safe.

  3. Johnny V

    It’s difficult to get the transcript and video together for Barack and Hillary’s victory speeches in New Hampshire and Iowa. Here they are:

  4. WorldbyStom

    Mick, in all fairness, people wind up working in all manner of jobs, good bad or indifferent. To propose that class consciousness must be perfect from day one is a prescription of utopian purity… it’s vastly more admirable to move from Wall Street to somewhere else than the opposite trajectory. I also think you’re being rather harsh, and perhaps misinterpreting the pro bono aspect of progressive thinking in US public life which has little or nothing to do with ‘helping the natives’.

    I’m as one with you in rooting out hypocrisy, but are you not over egging the pudding here… and I should add I’m not an Obama fan.

  5. WorldbyStom

    I should add, how on earth do you know that MLK and JJ aren’t on his political radar?

  6. Renegade Eye

    I like your post.

    See this.

  7. Mick Hall

    Renegade eye

    Thanks for the link it is very interesting, I have reposted it below as I has some difficulty getting it.

    someone sent me some links concerning Obama’s statement on Iran, dangerous stuff imo.

  8. Mick Hall


    I agree when it comes to the likes of you and I, where one works has little relevance as to our political beliefs. However the biog that Obama’s campaign staff have put out is as political as hell, it is a mix and match which they believe will appeal to most sections of the electorate, if any thing, in all probability the first job tells us more about Obama’s mindset than all the others.

    As to pro-bono work in the US, I see the necessity for such work as an outrage and an indictment of the US legal system. If Obama had engaged in such work great, but it tells us very little about him as many law firms insist for reasons of window dressing that many of their lawyers take up a tiny number off such cases, it is the same these days with city of London law firms.

    If Obama had ever been engaged in any important pro-bono cases take my word for it, it would be within his biog.

    As to Jesse Jackson and King, I would bet my pension that the only thing he has taken from their politics is the flowery speech making.

    For all Jackson’s faults he emphasized with the economically poor as did King, do you really believe Obama does? I doubt even his best friend would claim that. If he did then why does his biog not say he worked on Jesse Jackson’s last presidential campaign? It is not an accident that US Blacks are not rallying to Obama in the primaries, as they know him far better than us.

  9. Anonymous

    well heres my two cents.
    i think holding an american politician to a standard above working on wall street is just unrealistic. i’m not a conspiracy theorist, i’m just not stupid. i will probably vote for obama if he gets the nomination, but i realise that like everyone else that has a legitimate chance at becoming the president, he is not ultra progressive. do you expect him to as liberal as nader? no one would vote for a black nader. i hate saying cliches like this but he is (in my opinion) the lesser of two (or more) evils. i think the big issue that speaks to me as making obama different, other than his pigment, is that he didn’t take money from conglomerates. if you ask me, better oprah than newscorp.
    but what do i know i’ve only been able to vote for two years now…

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