Organized Rage is taking a short break for the Christmas holiday.

Organized Rage is taking a short break for the Christmas holiday. I would just like to thank all those who have visited the site since its inception and especially those who have left comments, even those who remind me about my dreadful spelling 😉
I wish you all a happy Christmas and a contented New Year.

Take care




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7 responses to “Organized Rage is taking a short break for the Christmas holiday.

  1. Jemmy Hope

    Reminder: LOTTA continua (weak joke). All the best, comrade.

  2. WorldbyStom

    Nice star!

  3. Neil Clark

    Have a great Christmas and New Year, Mick.

  4. Muddz

    Seasonal greetings from a Red.
    Spelling mistakes I can handle – political mistakes in a revolutionary I cannot. What on earth is THE GUARDIAN, natural home of reactionaries, class traitors and middleclass trendy-lefties, doing in your list of ‘progressive’ press? Will you also be recommending its sister paper, THE OBSERVER, next?
    Delete GUARDIAN and replace with MORNING STAR and I’ll be with you all the way.

  5. levi9909

    Oh hi there Mick. I was going to say “have a good one” but you’ve already had a good one, you visited Jews sans frontieres!

    Not really, I came to say that I have done a bit of googling for that Harry Steel chap and he doesn’t seem very nice at all. The first post I saw of his at HP, he came over all Colonel Blimp about Our Ken writing off a debt owed by the Stop the War Coalition. And David t chipped in to say that he would discuss the issue with some insolvency practitioners he knows. His work colleagues, in other words.

    In the same thread, this is the second complaint you’ve had about flirting with reaction. First the Guardian, now this!

    But still have a good one!

  6. Mick Hall


    I do not mean to be offensive but I did not mention the Guardian as being progressive or anything else, as there is no header ‘progressive press’, although there is one named International Press in which I placed the Guardian.

    I agree the Guardian when push comes to shove often sides with reaction, but for all its faults it is still imo the best of the UK mainstream press. I have read it for 40 years and there is much to admire, true its columnist have become conservative and dull but try reading the opposition.

    As to the Morning Star I used to take it on a daily bases until cash got a little tight, however I see no point in posting it on as it does not produce a free edition on the www, so a link would serve no point. [unlike all the other papers in that section]

    A big mistake on the part of the Star in my view and if it corrected it I would happily post a link. Still I buy a copy when ever I come across it as its continued publication is a minor miracle and at times is well worth a read.

    Comradely regards.

  7. Mick Hall


    I agree [if it is the same guy and I believe it is] his posts on HP got more reactionary as time went by, when I mentioned on Jews sans frontieres! that a Harry Steel used to post articulately on the www, I meant on the UKLN in the early days.

    I believe at one time ‘HS’ used to be a member of the old CPGB and moved to Europe. [I know where plus his real name] I presumed he got his hatred for the Trotskyists when an activist in the students union, although I could be wrong, but if my memory serves me correct some young SU CP members back then thought it was great fun to produce an ice-pick at a SU conference or some such.

    Which gives one an example of the nasty venom some of these people displayed to other sections of the Left [and I was a CP member myself at one time long ago, although on the industrial side] Thus I was not that surprised when HP metamorphosed into what it has become.

    All the best

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