The Tony Blair’s factotums line up to receive their Brown Envelopes.

It seems the Blairite cabal that worked out of 10 Downing Street and the surrounding UK Government Ministries are being well rewarded for there hard work. If anyone seriously doubted where their political loyalties lay, it is worth noting where the inner circle have washed up after being made redundant when Tony Blair left the Prime Ministers Office.

Sally Morgan.
Who was known in the media as Tony Blair’s gatekeeper was rewarded by her master with membership of the House of Lords, she supplements her income from the later by running a charity which is funded mostly by hedge fund millionaires. Who seem to be expressing their gratitude to Ms Morgan and her ilk for allowing them act like 21 St Century robber barons and avoiding having to pay their fair share of tax like us ordinary mortals. She along with a number of Blairite creeps is also a director of some of the more disreputable business such as Car Phone Warehouse and those who entered the Care Home business on the backs of the Blair/Brown privatizations.

Philip Gould.
Blair’s bagman, admits to living a portfolio existence, when he was networking on his masters behave he like the good flim flam man he is allegedly worked on the premise of two for the boss one for me. Through his wife who runs the UK end of publishers Random House, Gould has been able to provide Blair and one or two other Blairites with very lucrative publishing deals. This man will survive in almost any gutter, although without his masters protection he may well once again come into the sights of Yates of the Yard, we can but hope.

John Reid.
The turn coat in chief, he went from being a left wing communist to an advocate of any thing Blair and the money markets desired. Had Stalinism still been the flavor of the day, John Reid is the type of man who would have served Lavrenti Beria loyally. Predictable he has found himself a nice little birth as Chairman of Celtic Football Club. One can only hope the supporters of Celtic turn their fire away from the old firm and on to this nasty little turncoat bully, for they should take into account this is a man who has turned on his own once, thus if a better offer is made he will more than likely become chairman of Rangers. How any self respecting Celtic fan can sing Irish republican songs whilst this lackey of British imperialism is perched cosily in the Directors Box is beyond me.

Jonathan Powell.
A man who moved effortlessly through the front door of 10 Downing St whilst his odious Brother Charles ‘Pole’ went out the back door, having served the Tories whilst they were the gofers of Capital. Like his brother before him he has been handsomely rewarded by those he served best, in young Jonos case by becoming the Managing Director of the investment section of the bankers Morgan Stanley. Although his new bosses cannot be to pleased as the bank has just shown a deficit of four billion pounds plus, still no problem to make up for this loss they have simply sold 5% of the bank to the Chinese dictatorship for £5 billion..

Alan Milburn
One of the most obnoxious toadies of the Blairite area, who changed his accent from ship yard Geordie to Lord Snooty a tad more each time Blair promoted him. A former Health Minister who once claimed it is PFI or bust. He has made sure those who benefited most from the privatization of our public services pay him in kind with consultancies, these include private equity firms and companies looking to profit from new private contracts in the NHS. He also sits on the boards or committees of UK Pepsi Cola, Bridgepoint Capital and that old standby from which so many former Blairites supplement their incomes, Lloyds Pharmacy’s. A company that is at the fore of NHS privatization, running ‘services’ within NHS hospitals like pharmacies and GPs practices. Milburn who was once I’m told a Trotskyist, no more it seems as his cup runneth over with the gratitude of multi national corporations.

Matthew Taylor
The thinking man’s midget told the Guardian “he had never worked before and I never expect to work again in such a committed and effective team” and for this great work he has been rewarded with the Chief Executive-ship of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce. I know readers it is hard not to scoff, here is a man who worked alongside “a committed and effective team” which helped destroy Britain manufacturing base, being rewarded by becoming head of an outfit that promotes manufacturing, is not the British class system wonderful. It even provides for its rejects in old age.

The younger Blairites have also been provided for, although some have been forced to go farther a field, lets hope the Russian mafia doe not take offense by Wegg-Prossers attempting to move in on there ground, Tom Kelly can be seen handing out champers and brown envelopes on behalf of BAA, who seem extremely pleased with their new terminal at Heathrow, no connection of course with Kelly’s new job as their Group Director of Corporate Affairs..

All of the aforementioned made me think back to the 1960s when a wise old bird told me, “you can forget brown envelopes being given to British Prime Ministers and government ministers whilst they are still in office, they reap their rewards when they leave government with publishing contracts and non existent jobs, if they play the game that is.” If one looks at the type of work the aforementioned individuals did before they entered government and the positions they now occupy in the private sector it is difficult to argue against the old boys point.

Still, we all have to make a living I suppose but what strikes me about all of these people, despite at some time every single one of them having claimed they have devoted their life’s to socialism, the disadvantaged and the LP, not one of them despite having decent pensions intends to stay and fight their corner as rank and file labour party members, they all prefer the company of businessmen and women..*

* Some of the information in this article came from the Guardians G2 magazine 19.12.07.



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2 responses to “The Tony Blair’s factotums line up to receive their Brown Envelopes.

  1. Anonymous

    “found himself a nice little birth”?

    I think you’ll find John Reid was born quite a while ago.

  2. Mick Hall

    Ah, maybe, but I think you will find he has been reborn politically on more than one occasion as my piece makes clear.

    Happy xmas or whatever 😉

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