Tommy Sheridan, Perjury and the odious Murdoch conglomerate.

As the Scottish socialist Tommy Sheridan has been charged with perjury I am unable to write about the case in question, but since Sheridan has been such a prominent figure in the socialist movement within Scotland and the United Kingdom, I thought I would add my thoughts on this matter. Myself I have always thought Sheridan was a bit of a loose cannon, but he is a saint when compared with his nemesis Rupert Murdoch, who traded his wife of 25 years for a younger model who would be more advantages for his business interests in the far east.

As to the charge of Perjury itself, it is an infantile charge, as every single day in the British courts, defendants, witnesses, lawyers and judges lie through their teeth. Indeed the very fact that before giving evidence believers are asked to read out loud that they will tell the truth by their Almighty God, all but accepts this fact, for it attests to the courts belief that even if those giving evidence lie to the court they will have to answer to a higher power. As to does the adversarial system within the British judicial system, for if everyone told the truth there were be no need of defense nor prosecution lawyers, nor would there be the need for a judge to be highly schooled in the ways of this judicial system, for all those who administer judgement would requirer would be intelligence and a good heart.

In any case if the legal system took seriously the fact that defendants and prosecution witnesses told lies, almost every single case would have to be tried twice, the first time to reach a verdict and the second to prosecute all those who told lies which enabled the jury reach that verdict. In other words deadlock and mayhem would prevail.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Mr Sheridan would not be coming before Betsy Windsor’s court again if he had not down the years been the tribune of the economically poor within Scotland. If anyone is still gullible enough to believe the British courts act in an independent manner then this case should wake them from their slumbers. For on one side you have Tommy Sheridan and his loyal band of supporters, which include a fair number of ordinary working class people.

On the other you have the odious Murdoch media empire which in itself would make any decent fellow puke. In my mind for the Murdoch conglomerate and its gofers in the British State to accuse others of telling lies is absolutely surreal and in any honest judicial system it would be laughed out of court.

For Murdoch is a tax dodging crook without a moral bone in his body, he changed his nationality to advance his business interest and then condemns the European Union for diluting that very principle. His newspapers daily spew out poison and lies and give their political support to which ever politicians agrees to dance to the greedy and odious Rupert’s tune. These days he is tangoing with the exploitative Stalinist regime in China, he agrees to anything these corrupt bureaucrats ask no matter if it pushes billions of Chinese people further into the grasp of a vicious dictatorship, if the government in Peking ask Murdoch to jump he replies how high, as long as it increases his bottom line.

To those who say that Mr Sheridan has a case to answer I would say this, why now? The Murdoch empire has appealed against Mr Sheridan winning the original case and this appeal was due to be heard in the Scottish courts directly. For the last year the Murdoch papers have been following Sheridan and carrying regular stories that blacken his name. They have also claimed the appeal for them was a done deal which they would win with ease.

So why has the State decided to act now and in the process used hundreds of police man hours and spent over a million pounds investigating and prosecuting Mr Sheridan. Could it be that the Murdoch claims have been hot air, for if what they have been claiming was true Tommy Sheridan was due to get his just deserts in the appeal court any time soon.

What these charges show is that there is one law for some and another for others. Yates of the yard was not allowed to place a finger on to Tony Blair and his pals despite claiming he had put together a prosecutable case, the same happened with the BAE arms scandal when that company bribed members of the Saudi royal family. But a left wing working class lad who got above his station is fair game, after all by prosecuting Mr Sheridan it takes the heat off the real political crooks who help run this society.



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9 responses to “Tommy Sheridan, Perjury and the odious Murdoch conglomerate.

  1. scottish lawyer

    Why now?

    because Lord Turnbull asked the police to investigate given the contradictions between the evidence of Sheridan and four of his former SSP colleagues. The investigation was initiated because Lord Turnbull, the trial judge, made clear that at least one of the witnesses in the case was lying. This is a Scottish police investigation not a UK investigation. Perhaps it’s a diversionary tactic from recent SNP difficulties over the Donald Trump development…

    Further, while people accept the risk of perjury in criminal cases, in a civil case where someone has arguably lied to obtain money from another – this is akin to fraud, and using the courts to facilitate that fraud. The courts don’t like that.

  2. Jemmy Hope

    As far as I’m concerned it’s a case of thieves falling out. Sheridan may be small change compared to Murdoch but he’s a snake nonetheless. Some people haven’t forgotten his threat to grass up anti-poll tax activists who were stealing his thunder. And some of us won’t forgive him for raiding the kitty for his former employees’ salaries when he bailed out of the SSP.
    I reckon you could be done for perjury if you called Sheridan a socialist while under oath.

  3. Mick Hall

    Scottish lawyer

    If what you say about civil trials is correct, one would have thought the courts would be full of people charged with Perjury, yet this does not seem to be the case. It also does not explain the hurry as this case was due to come up in the appeal court and senior judges normally prefer the system to correct mistakes not old bill.

    If Sheridan had won the day in the appeal court and the judiciary felt he had a case to answer surly that would be the time to act. As it is now, after this event he is unlikely to get a fair crack of the whip.


    your last sentence made me laugh out loud.

    [I reckon you could be done for perjury if you called Sheridan a socialist while under oath.]

  4. scottish lawyer

    But the point was they didn’t know if the investigation would lead to Sheridan or the 4 former SSP MSPs. It transpires that the police believe it’s the former. No doubt a jury will decide in due course.

  5. Steve Platt

    My heart’s with you on this but my head tells me scottish lawyer is right.

    Whatever the truth of this particular matter, though, a lot of people will feel that when it comes to a choice between Murdoch and Sheridan it’s no contest. And let’s just say that it’s possible that members of Scottish juries, past or future, may well share that view …

  6. Glenn J

    Great site Mick…

    I think Tommy may have been economical with the truth – I really hope not but like Steve my head dont chime with my heart here.

    The main point which stands out for me about this whole case is that once again we see the sickening spectacle of so called ‘left wing’ politicians descending into personal, ego stuffed and power jockeying behaviour. Tommy Sheridan is too far up his own arse for sure but those SSPers who took the stand with Murdoch are far worse and will go down in history as having sided with the oppressor to advance their own positions.

    Even if they think Tommy is bad for the party and for Scottish socialism generally it just cant be right to side with the Murdoch international gangsters to make your case.

    A plague on all of their houses – they are disgracing the name of socialism..

    Glenn Jenkins

  7. Mick Hall


    Thanks for kind works about blog, it is greatly appreciated.

    I am with both you and Glenn, I feel if socialists are unable to offer Sheridan their support, and I can understand why some people will be unable to do so, then they should say nothing.

    Happy christmas to you both.

  8. WorldbyStom

    Glenn, I have a lot of sympathy with what you are syaing, but the obvious problem with your approach is that it ignores the root cause of all of this. TS took the case against the press starting the ball rolling. That wasn’t necessary. It didn’t help any. It made everything worse. That he did so in a context where as you suggest what I too think was by any measure an absurd approach. And the point is politics should not be about one person. As for SSPers who took a stand against him, I think you’re far too harsh on him. That’s just a sort of sweep it under the carpet approach which in this day and age will always be found out. The current events would have come to pass. If there are discrepancies they would be noted and then not merely TS but those same SSPers would be in difficulties and discredited with the people for lying which is still a significant sin in the political context. Damned if they did damned if they didn’t, and not all the stuff about the Murdoch press being the font of all evil would make the slightest difference.

    At the end of the day left politics has to be honest and open and the past events have been completely the opposite.

  9. WorldbyStorm

    that should read ‘too harsh on them’…

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