Strike-Bike workers defeated: Another nail in the EU working classes standard of living..

I have just had a piece of unwelcome news from Germany, regular readers may remember the piece I wrote about the occupation of their factory by the former employees of the Bike Systems company in Nordhausen in the German state of Thuringia, after the company was asset stripped, closed down and declared insolvent. The workers were looking for investors who were willing to put several million euros into the business and if successful in finding this financial support they had hoped to run the business as a co-operative.*

Sadly it is not to be as these gallant workers and their supporters were unable to find an investor, despite producing a number of special editions of their excellent product to prove the factory could be viable. The machinery is to be sold off to a company registered in Hungary where Labour cost it seems are far cheaper than in Germany as to are welfare benefits etc. There is a chance that a small number of the workers may set up a small manufacturing bike-production business, but that is in the future and will bring little joy to the majority of workers who now find themselves unemployed…

Still I for one wish to thank these workers for the fight they displayed as at least by their determined struggle they exposed neo-liberal economics and globalization as nothing more than a vehicle for the multi nationals to enrich themselves at the expense of working people.



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One response to “Strike-Bike workers defeated: Another nail in the EU working classes standard of living..

  1. blackstone

    What a shame! This was definitely a bright moment and small battle victory in the worker’s struggle. Very sad to see that the bigger battle has been lost but i am otherwise proud of the struggle they waged.

    This is news to me, i’ve been wondering what has been going on.

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