Obituary: Red Robbie.

Forgive me for including Red Robbie on Organized Rage, for whilst she was not well known in the Labour Movement, she was as solid as any. A strong heart, a tireless worker when each year she attempted to make a nest in the curtains, during the summer months she would use her platform in the Garden to call her fellows to come forth and eat the bread that had been put down for them whilst taking the opportunity to propagandize amongst them

Whilst she had her home situated on an inside window ledge she was only ever at home in the evenings and at meal times. The rest of the time she spent roaming the house upstairs and down on her quest for equality. A vegetarian herself she by her example alone converted me to vegetarianism, when one day I was eating a chicken meal, she looked at me with such contempt that I felt I could no longer eat members of her family.

She grew old gracefully but always kept her looks as you can see from the photos above, a private service was held for her without religious rights. Instead of flowers those who attended sent a small donation to the RSPB[renewal committee]

Ms Red Robbie, born January 2000, died 9th December 2007.


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