A warning from history: In conclusion.

Below is an email I received about my article A warning from history: Poll: the Nazi NPD overtake the SPD in Saxony. I have decided to publish it in full as I feel it adds considerably to my original piece as it sets both the SPD and the Nazi NPD in context within Saxony. The writer asked me not to mention his name, although I will say he is an expert on the political situation in Germany, past and present.


“The SPD has probably more members in Saxony than the NPD, but nearly no activists, who are doing grassroots work, the SPD in Saxony (like in Thuringia) is partly the party of some former GDR-dissidents (many of them protestant ministers, musicians, writers, etc.), partly dominated by state and trade union bureaucrats imported from the west after 1990 (among them a certain number of “Lambertists”, doing entrism inside the SPD) …

What was left of old “Red Saxony” (which was already in decline in the 1920ies) is represented by “Die Linke”, who have together with Berlin their strongest regional federation in Saxony …

The NPD was quite successfull, mainly in economically marginalized rural and smalltown areas in the south and east of Saxony, far less in cities like Leipzig, Dresden, Chemnitz and Zwickau.

On the fringes of Saxony, they were highly successful in recruting not only from fascist skinhead gangs but also inside the local petty bourgeoisie, often through a single or a few influential members in crucial positions (like chairman of the local sporting association, only driving instructor in town, owner of the local bakery shop, landlord of a pub, social worker in a youth club), building networks in civil society for being able to create something like “cultural hegemony” on a local level …

The main leaders (and also the main finalcial sources) of the NPD are from the west of Germany … in comparison to the BNP, the NPD is less inclined to show some respectability and does not try to hide, that they are no “humble patriots” but people, who are at least higly influenced by nazism.”


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