We live in a corrupt society in which big business and its representatives steal at will.

We live in a corrupt society in which big business and its representatives steal at will, whilst the media and its muppet politicos pretend that PC Plod is ever watchful and on the trail of those who engage in corrupt practices. This week alone the media and its political minions have been especially active proclaiming that society will not tolerate corrupt practices.

First we had the infantile kerfuffle about Benny Abrahams son David, who has been pushing cash the Labour Parties way using his employees as cutouts. This one will never gain legs beyond the fact that those poor saps who allowed their bank accounts to be used by the LP tops will end up doing time. As to David Abrahams he is home free, for his family have been part of the Labour Party mafia in the northeast of England for decades, thus he will know where the bodies are buried up there. He was after all not invited to Tony Blair’s Sedgefield farewell bash because he is a good socialist and party comrade.

Much the same is true of Harry Redknapp who was arrested yesterday and interviewed by the City of London police over taking bungs whilst manager of Portsmouth FC.* This one is a peach, not least because it is the City of London Constabulary which is investigating the case. Its Commissioner Mr Mike Bowron has lunch or dinner most days with criminal elements who are in a league of their own, but as they have CEO or Chair of the Board attached to their names he bows and scrapes to their every needs. You doubt me, check out the last time his forces Economic Crime Department conducted an investigation into a major crime within the City of London which resulted in a successful prosecution.

Whilst your doing so, it might be interesting to find out whether Commissioner Bowron or any of his senior office have ever been the guest of Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea Football Club and countless other businesses and baubles. Now Mr Abramovich is a master criminal well worth investigating yet he is not even on the radar of the City of London police force, unless they want cup final tickets that is. In all probability his file is tagged with a do not touch sticker, major investor in UK.

For this particular crook learnt all about greasing political palms when bankrolling Vladimir Putin in his first presidential campaign. Shortly after being elected the new Russian Tzar Putin made Abramovich the Governor of the Chukotka region of the Russian Federation. That Abramovich was at the back of the Oligarch queue when it came to receiving presidential handouts hardly mattered to him, for Public Office gave him immunity from prosecution. Thus his ill gotten gains which he had stolen off an already pauperized Russian people were now safe in his tax haven of choice; and in any case Abramovich had no intention of spending much time in Chukotka for it is situated in the barren, freezing north east of Russia, his stolen loot brought him Minions who can do the ‘governing’ for him.

If we add in the Yates of the Yard fiasco when someone at Scotland yard went off script after having a temporary brain storm and started believing we are all equal before the law. This nonsense was soon put to one side after PC Plod was firmly told by the powers that be that their role is to protect the crooks who engage in bribery and corrupt practices not arrest them, like those who were participants in the BAE-Saudi Affair and the civil servants who trousered £107 million when they under priced Qinetiq just prior to its part privatization.

Still all is not lost, for we can all sleep safe in our beds knowing the owner of a battered transit fan and an east London barrow boy are about to get their just deserts.

* The UK Football Authorities having encouraged hot money to come into the Premier and football league clubs from overseas, it appears now wish to cover up their negligence or worse by turning on the smaller thieves. I mean Harry takes a bung is hardly startling news now is it.



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5 responses to “We live in a corrupt society in which big business and its representatives steal at will.

  1. Anonymous

    “Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country.”
    Howard Zinn, writing of the US, but spot the difference if you can.

  2. Renegade Eye

    I think you said it all, except what is to be done?

  3. Mick Hall


    Great quote from Howard Zinn, if you do not mind I am going to borrow it and post it as my ‘Quote of the Week’.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s been like this since the dawn of time, kings and then Parliament have all worked on the profits of whom ever was around.

    Those who use to spout the rights and wrongs of Labour we should look after the sick the disabled, we will fight for them I hear the back benches , then comes the day and the silence is deafening.

    The welfare reforms one vote against, why well of course government, new jobs shinny new cars.

    Would i a real Labour party person fall for this would i accept a nice car and lots of money, to bloody right i would.

    I am disabled.

  5. Mick Hall

    Agreed, especially your point about the LP and this governments treatment of the disabled. shameful.

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