Is this Ehud Olmert and G W Bush’s final game-plan for the Palestinians.

Once the prospect of the Annapolis conference was placed on the table by Condoleezza Rice; and the Palestinian Authority under Mr Mahmoud Abbas expressed a willingness to compromise their core demands, the Israeli State and its US financiers moved the goal posts to gain additional advantage; and at long last we are beginning to see emerging Ehud Olmert and G W Bush’s final game plan for the Palestinians.

The Foreign Minister of Israel Tzipi Livni’s pre-Annapolis statement signaled this fact when she said “It must be clear to everyone that the State of Israel is a national homeland for the Jewish people,”– “the future Palestinian state would provide a solution to Palestinians worldwide, including Israeli Arabs in their struggle for national expression,”— “the national demands of Israeli Arabs should end the moment a Palestinian state is established,” What has changed with this statement is that the Israelis have upped the anti by demanding of the Palestinians that they now go way beyond merely recognizing the Israeli State. [Hamas was wise not to get involved in such brinkmanship and bazar haggling, as it was clearly designed to drive up the price the Palestinians would have to pay for Statehood and a degree of peace and security.]

The Israeli government is now stating clearly that Israel is to be a Jewish State alone! and there will be no place as citizens within it for Arabs or non Jews of any kind; and if any Palestinians fail to recognize this fact and choose for whatever reason, to remain within Israel after a Palestinians ‘Statelet’ is formed they will find Israel a very cold house indeed.

Israeli Arabs were not slow to spot the dangers in Tzipi Livni’s words, for they quickly understood what the government of Israel has in store for them, going abroad or endure as second class citizens on their ancestral lands. As an Arab member of the Knesset Mohammad Barakeh made clear in reply to Tzipi Livni, he and his fellow Israeli Arabs are going no where, “the Palestinian Arabs in Israel live in their homeland. They did not immigrate. It is the state that immigrated.”

What the Zionists are doing here is repeating the mistakes of Irelands Protestant Unionists in the early 1920’s, when rather than joining their fellow Irishmen and women in a new democratic Republic, they accepted the offer of the British State to regroup in the north east of Ireland and form a sectarian Statelet. Irelands Protestant unionists declared ‘Northern Ireland’ a Protestant State, for a Protestant people; and in the process they set in motion decades of human misery as the minority catholic population felt no loyalty to that statelet when they found themselves oppressed and excluded within it. That the Zionists intend to remove the pretense that Israel is a normal democracy by publicly proclaiming Israel a Jewish State, for a Jewish people would be farcical if the consequences were not so grave.

Just as the UK government encouraged and financed the Ulster Unionists foolishness, whilst turning a blind eye to the oppression that was inflicted by them on the catholic minority. The USA will do the same with Israel when it oppresses and attempts to exile its Israeli arab population.

Israel’s right to build a State based solely on race and religion must be opposed by the international community as it is setting the most dangerous of precedent that will give legitimacy to racists, crackpots and bigots throughout the world. Up until today the International Community has always demanded of Israel that those Arabs that live within its 1948 borders have full and equal rights as citizens of Israel. True there has never been true equality and the Arabs have remained at the bottom of the economic heap, but with Annapolis there is a clear departure from that policy by the Israeli State.

Thus it looks very much like the price Ehud Olmert is demanding for a Palestinian State is that Mahmoud Abbas not only signs away the Palestinian Diaspora’s right of return, but he also accepts responsibility for and issues entry visas to the entire Arab population of the State of Israel. Even by the standards of the middle east signing such a deal would be a monstrous betrayal, but if Mahmoud Abbas has no intention of betraying his people, what made him travel to Annapolis in the first place?



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9 responses to “Is this Ehud Olmert and G W Bush’s final game-plan for the Palestinians.

  1. WorldbyStom

    It’s certainly hard to take seriously the idea that Annapolis will make any significant difference, still, has there been a clear statement that Arabs would actually be denied full and equal rights in the context of a settlement?

  2. Mick Hall


    Politics does not work like that does it, what we have had now from a number of Israeli politicians is that the Palestinians must recognize Israel right to exist as a Jewish state, which as I said in the blog is somewhat different than recognizing Israel’s right to exist.

    It is all rubbish as it has always been clear the palestinians recognize Israel existence, otherwise they would not be at the bloody conference. I should think the palestinians are the last people in the world to deny that Israel exist, the shit the Israeli state has poured upon them.

    It could be this talk by members of the Israeli government is designed to crash the conference and place the blame on the palestinians, who knows.

    Abbas would have been better off staying at home and talking with Hamas, instead he is powwowing with his peoples tormentors, if he agrees to help the US smash Hamas and Iran etc they might let him run a small bantustan, what a bloody mess.

  3. WorldbyStom

    I know exactly what you’re saying and pretty much agree. I see no particular hope in all this, but I guess from Abbas’s point of view better to engage than not. But, as you say, if there is a plan to crash the conference it won’t make any odds what he does…

  4. Mick Hall


    Did you catch the TV pictures of Bush and Ehud Olmert, they looked both comfortable with each other and confident, whilst Abbas seemed awkward, to one side and out of the picture. I know it is difficult to read these things, especially with US Presidents who have become so media savvy, but I felt extremely uneasy when watching them.

    At first I thought they might have a deal over theGolan Heights up their sleeve, but then the Syrians have only sent a deputy foreign minister so it seems unlikely. I have been looking at the maps of the wall and settlements etc around Jerusalem and I cannot see how Olmert would give ground there.

    Without east Jerusalam any Palestinian state is little more than a Bantustan, that is why Arafat refused to deal and just before his death said the only option open to the Palestinian people was to endure and hope for better days.

  5. WorldbyStom

    I have to agree. Listening to KCRW’s To the Point on podcast they had a very sobering analysis which tallies with your own…

    The body language was something to behold. I do wonder if the language issue is a cause of problems in this regard? One thing I’ve noticed is that in the US Palestinian spokespeople are excellent, fluent English speakers and so on. It makes a huge difference in a polity that is so self-centred. But what is Abbas’s English like? It’s a small thing, but I can’t help but notice that the Israeli’s put forward fluent English spokespeople. Olmert is fluent, etc, etc.

  6. Mick Hall


    This question of language does play a role, however when people are oppressed their language becomes doubly important to them and at times this can cloud their judgement. Arafat who spoke English, for years refused to be interviewed in it, I believe Muammar Gadafy, god bless the old tyrant still refuses and he to speaks perfect English, although I think he does this partially as a wind up. I would be surprised if Abbas does not speak English, as he was one of Arafat’s gofers for years.

    One of the strange things about this post is it has not drawn the zionist answer service out to deny what I wrote about the Israeli arabs. As you probably know, if you write anything critical of Israel on the web, no matter how trivia, they are back at you immediately. They have these committees that are set up to do this.[no i’m not losing it]

    I posted this article on the Daily Telegraph site, yet not a word out of them, there were a good number of replies, 18 or so but nothing from them, which I found interesting.

  7. i.m.small


    Even if all their aims achieve
    This chummy crew, I vow
    To hold fast to what I believe,
    Truth not to disallow:

    For I assert, though all the war,
    Abridgements all domestic,
    Accomplish happiness galore,
    One nation´s rule majestic,

    Though even all of this occur
    (And who were I to stop it?)
    Legitimacy let confer
    No words I write, to prop it.

    The chummy crew, self-satisfied
    Masks its contempt with smirks,
    But time will not true-feelings hide:
    The world will see them jerks.

    We must have but the fortitude
    To last a while longer,
    For theirs was but an ugly brood,
    No Nadia Boulanger

    Could make them harmonize with truth,
    Their greed so dominates them,
    The architects of famine, drouth
    No wonder heaven hates them.

    The music of celestial spheres
    If there be deeper meaning
    In human action, but inheres
    Away from falsehood´s preening.

    They make themselves appear so suave,
    Taking great care to do it,
    But as devoid of human love
    True hearts can see right through it.

    But the dishonest as are kept
    Within a fabrication
    Borne of ideals corrupt, have leapt
    Not to the devastation

    Of knowing they have done great wrong
    And bear the guilty stain
    On hands and souls; so they belong
    In league with corpses slain.

  8. WorldbyStom

    er cheers i.m. small.

    MH, I think you’re dead right. Nothing heartens me more listening to KCRW or NPR to hear a Palestinian with a strong US accent because I know that that will ‘connect’. Putting cards on table I’m a strong proponent of the two state solution, but what is currently on offer seems to me to be a botch job where Palestine will be eviscerated. This saddens me enormously, not least because I believe that it undercuts Israels future security. And this I don’t get… why not a proper solution. Jon Stewart said it some time back. A proper Palestine. A joint capital in Jerusalem, etc. It’s so easy. It takes nothing. But pride steps in…

  9. Mick Hall


    I to became a reluctant supporter of the two state solution although I now wonder if I was not suckered in. My family on my mothers side were Becksteins from central Europe, so I well understand the Jewish peoples desperate desire for security. But as you write I do not believe this can be achieved at the Palestinians expense.

    I supported the two states in the hope that one day they would become a single democratic state. I fear Olmert and friends have something completely different in mind.

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