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Muhammad the Teddy Bear: A clash of civilizations.

The brouhaha about Gillian Gibbons is interesting, not least because it confirms there are idiots in Khartoum as well as Whitehall. The British school teacher who whilst working in a primary school in Sudan, was accused of insulting Islam by allowing her seven-year-old pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad. Ms Gibbons deserves a smidgin of blame for her current predicament, for we all must when guests in an another country be aware of the nuances and pitfalls that might befall us. Although we should not really heap that much blame on her for not being up to speed about the idiots who work within the Sudanese state bureaucracy. It seems pretty obvious to me that the crass stupidity; or bigotry of the kafir type displayed in this case by a tiny section of the Sudanese authorities has nothing to do with Islam, but simply demonstrated that nincompoops and opportunist’s lurk within all State bureaucracies.

If I were to be charitable I would put this down to a lack of knowledge by the legal authorities in Khartoum about the intricacies of the British people’s behavior. For the humble teddy-bear is held in the upmost esteem by all British people, whether Christian, Hindi’s, Muslim’s or non believers. Far from an insult to call ones teddy after the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, it is the highest complement a child can pay. As when the child becomes an adult, the memories of their teddy will be as sharp in their minds as any living being and will stay with them for the rest of their days.

Stop any adult on a UK Street and they will immediately be able to tell you the name of their first childhood friend, their teddy-bear. I suspect having decided by democratic vote to give their school teddy the name of the Prophet Muhammad, [peace be upon him] the children in the Khartoum school thought they were paying respect to a great man. Perhaps in the security of their own bedrooms Sudanese children are little different from their UK counterparts and also regard their teddies with great affection

As to Ms Gibbons who has now been sentenced to 15 days of jail time, I hope these day pass quickly and she returns to her home safely. Whilst to lose ones freedom is never nice I’m certain she will meet new friends, as prisons have many decent and kind people within them who for all sorts of reasons find themselves doing time.



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We live in a corrupt society in which big business and its representatives steal at will.

We live in a corrupt society in which big business and its representatives steal at will, whilst the media and its muppet politicos pretend that PC Plod is ever watchful and on the trail of those who engage in corrupt practices. This week alone the media and its political minions have been especially active proclaiming that society will not tolerate corrupt practices.

First we had the infantile kerfuffle about Benny Abrahams son David, who has been pushing cash the Labour Parties way using his employees as cutouts. This one will never gain legs beyond the fact that those poor saps who allowed their bank accounts to be used by the LP tops will end up doing time. As to David Abrahams he is home free, for his family have been part of the Labour Party mafia in the northeast of England for decades, thus he will know where the bodies are buried up there. He was after all not invited to Tony Blair’s Sedgefield farewell bash because he is a good socialist and party comrade.

Much the same is true of Harry Redknapp who was arrested yesterday and interviewed by the City of London police over taking bungs whilst manager of Portsmouth FC.* This one is a peach, not least because it is the City of London Constabulary which is investigating the case. Its Commissioner Mr Mike Bowron has lunch or dinner most days with criminal elements who are in a league of their own, but as they have CEO or Chair of the Board attached to their names he bows and scrapes to their every needs. You doubt me, check out the last time his forces Economic Crime Department conducted an investigation into a major crime within the City of London which resulted in a successful prosecution.

Whilst your doing so, it might be interesting to find out whether Commissioner Bowron or any of his senior office have ever been the guest of Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea Football Club and countless other businesses and baubles. Now Mr Abramovich is a master criminal well worth investigating yet he is not even on the radar of the City of London police force, unless they want cup final tickets that is. In all probability his file is tagged with a do not touch sticker, major investor in UK.

For this particular crook learnt all about greasing political palms when bankrolling Vladimir Putin in his first presidential campaign. Shortly after being elected the new Russian Tzar Putin made Abramovich the Governor of the Chukotka region of the Russian Federation. That Abramovich was at the back of the Oligarch queue when it came to receiving presidential handouts hardly mattered to him, for Public Office gave him immunity from prosecution. Thus his ill gotten gains which he had stolen off an already pauperized Russian people were now safe in his tax haven of choice; and in any case Abramovich had no intention of spending much time in Chukotka for it is situated in the barren, freezing north east of Russia, his stolen loot brought him Minions who can do the ‘governing’ for him.

If we add in the Yates of the Yard fiasco when someone at Scotland yard went off script after having a temporary brain storm and started believing we are all equal before the law. This nonsense was soon put to one side after PC Plod was firmly told by the powers that be that their role is to protect the crooks who engage in bribery and corrupt practices not arrest them, like those who were participants in the BAE-Saudi Affair and the civil servants who trousered £107 million when they under priced Qinetiq just prior to its part privatization.

Still all is not lost, for we can all sleep safe in our beds knowing the owner of a battered transit fan and an east London barrow boy are about to get their just deserts.

* The UK Football Authorities having encouraged hot money to come into the Premier and football league clubs from overseas, it appears now wish to cover up their negligence or worse by turning on the smaller thieves. I mean Harry takes a bung is hardly startling news now is it.


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Is this Ehud Olmert and G W Bush’s final game-plan for the Palestinians.

Once the prospect of the Annapolis conference was placed on the table by Condoleezza Rice; and the Palestinian Authority under Mr Mahmoud Abbas expressed a willingness to compromise their core demands, the Israeli State and its US financiers moved the goal posts to gain additional advantage; and at long last we are beginning to see emerging Ehud Olmert and G W Bush’s final game plan for the Palestinians.

The Foreign Minister of Israel Tzipi Livni’s pre-Annapolis statement signaled this fact when she said “It must be clear to everyone that the State of Israel is a national homeland for the Jewish people,”– “the future Palestinian state would provide a solution to Palestinians worldwide, including Israeli Arabs in their struggle for national expression,”— “the national demands of Israeli Arabs should end the moment a Palestinian state is established,” What has changed with this statement is that the Israelis have upped the anti by demanding of the Palestinians that they now go way beyond merely recognizing the Israeli State. [Hamas was wise not to get involved in such brinkmanship and bazar haggling, as it was clearly designed to drive up the price the Palestinians would have to pay for Statehood and a degree of peace and security.]

The Israeli government is now stating clearly that Israel is to be a Jewish State alone! and there will be no place as citizens within it for Arabs or non Jews of any kind; and if any Palestinians fail to recognize this fact and choose for whatever reason, to remain within Israel after a Palestinians ‘Statelet’ is formed they will find Israel a very cold house indeed.

Israeli Arabs were not slow to spot the dangers in Tzipi Livni’s words, for they quickly understood what the government of Israel has in store for them, going abroad or endure as second class citizens on their ancestral lands. As an Arab member of the Knesset Mohammad Barakeh made clear in reply to Tzipi Livni, he and his fellow Israeli Arabs are going no where, “the Palestinian Arabs in Israel live in their homeland. They did not immigrate. It is the state that immigrated.”

What the Zionists are doing here is repeating the mistakes of Irelands Protestant Unionists in the early 1920’s, when rather than joining their fellow Irishmen and women in a new democratic Republic, they accepted the offer of the British State to regroup in the north east of Ireland and form a sectarian Statelet. Irelands Protestant unionists declared ‘Northern Ireland’ a Protestant State, for a Protestant people; and in the process they set in motion decades of human misery as the minority catholic population felt no loyalty to that statelet when they found themselves oppressed and excluded within it. That the Zionists intend to remove the pretense that Israel is a normal democracy by publicly proclaiming Israel a Jewish State, for a Jewish people would be farcical if the consequences were not so grave.

Just as the UK government encouraged and financed the Ulster Unionists foolishness, whilst turning a blind eye to the oppression that was inflicted by them on the catholic minority. The USA will do the same with Israel when it oppresses and attempts to exile its Israeli arab population.

Israel’s right to build a State based solely on race and religion must be opposed by the international community as it is setting the most dangerous of precedent that will give legitimacy to racists, crackpots and bigots throughout the world. Up until today the International Community has always demanded of Israel that those Arabs that live within its 1948 borders have full and equal rights as citizens of Israel. True there has never been true equality and the Arabs have remained at the bottom of the economic heap, but with Annapolis there is a clear departure from that policy by the Israeli State.

Thus it looks very much like the price Ehud Olmert is demanding for a Palestinian State is that Mahmoud Abbas not only signs away the Palestinian Diaspora’s right of return, but he also accepts responsibility for and issues entry visas to the entire Arab population of the State of Israel. Even by the standards of the middle east signing such a deal would be a monstrous betrayal, but if Mahmoud Abbas has no intention of betraying his people, what made him travel to Annapolis in the first place?


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Social Backgrounds of UK’s Parliamentarians, makes House look like 1907 not 2007.

Unless a tiny miracle happens and a new Left Party is formed before the next UK General Election, I doubt after that election there will be a single working class MP in the Westminister Parliament and by working class I loosely mean manual worker. We have already reached the stage when if you look at the class backgrounds of the current crop of honorable members, it appears to be more like 1907 than 2007. It is as if the major social changes that took place in the UK over the three decades that followed WW2 never happened, as these days almost the entire House of Commons comes from the urban middle classes. The odd Toff still sit on the green benches of the Commons and as place-men in the House of Lords, but the working classes are becoming invisible from both Houses of Parliament.

Take the Liberal-Democrat’s leadership contest between Christopher Huhne and Nicholas Clegg, about the only nod they give to the working class is to emulate Blair by shortening their christian names to Nick and Chris, believing that by so doing the electorate will see them as classless and not as they undoubtedly are the product of the wretched elitist English class system. That both men were educated at Westminster and Oxbridge in itself demonstrates what a small pond the Parties at Westminister now prefer to fish in when looking for a Party leader. If Tony Blair were still in power all three of the main parties would have been led by a public school, Oxbridge educated politico, as I said welcome to 1907. Just how unrepresentative these Party leaders are of modern Britain is demonstrated by the fact that in the nation as a whole only eight percent of the UK population attend independent fee-paying schools.

In the last ten year of a Labour government, we have witnessed the English middle classes gradually clawing back the political and cultural space they lost to the working classes between the years 1945-79. Above I have used Parliament as an example of this, but I could have equally used local Government, the arts and media. The Blairites have removed entirely via their Governmental Quangos, working class people from the type of oversight committees that used to govern at local levels the NHS, Social Security, DHSS Tribunals and Education. Workers used to be nominated to these committees and tribunals through their trade union branches, district committees and Trades Councils, not any more. Today all of these bodies have been replaced by Quangos, to gain membership of which one must have a professional qualification or ministerial approval. Just as in the 19th and early 20th Century the middle classes used ownership of property as a bar on working class inclusion in the nations affairs, today they are using professional qualifications and the old boys network. [how else can one explain that 30 percent of MP’s went to Oxbridge and a fee paying school when as I have already said the national average is only eight percent.]

The media has also filleted working class people from the airways and editorial offices, for example one is more likely to see an old Etonian presenting Breakfast Time TV than a working class lad who went to his local comprehensive. Listen to the radio these days and you will be hard pressed to hear a regional accent. True we have not seen the return of the cut glass BBC accents which were prevalent prior to the mid 1960s, what you get today is an un-placeable drawl which basically amounts to Estuary English tidied up, or campness made respectable. We are also beginning to see the return of middle class actors doing their stuff portraying cor-blimey working class people as either the salt of the earth who know their place, or Blaggers and junkies with no in between. It is as if the media world has been taken over by Guardian readers, but Guardian readers without a hearts or soul.

Those middle class people who out of opportunist greed and self interest believed it was wise to remove the English working classes from any contact with the levers of political power, are playing a very dangerous game. Europe is not the USA and England is not New Jersey. The main reason this country unlike elsewhere in the world saw so little internal conflict in the 20th Century was because the working classes had created the LP through which they could channel their political demands. If this avenue continues to be stifled or closed off to us, then we may well look for more militant means to get our voices heard; and some Middle class people may well get to re-learn the lessons of 1917, the hard way.*

* Before someone mentions the violent conflict that occurred in the north of Ireland during the latter part of the 20th Century, this reinforces my point, as there was no Labour type party there to which the Nationalist and Unionist working class could turn to settle their genuine grievances.


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Róisín McAliskey will not be extradited to Germany

Regular visitors to Organized Rage will know that since I first established the site there has been a flyer on the left hand side which demands that the extradition of Róisín McAliskey from the north of Ireland to Germany should not go ahead. I am therefor delighted to announce that Róisín is no longer under threat of extradition, as yesterday in Belfast County Court, Recorder Judge Tom Burgess delivered his written judgement on the German Governments application to have Róisín extradited to Germany. Extradition was refused and the Judge set out his reasons for his refusal.* [See full transcript at URL below]

In my opinion this was a humane and correct judgement and coming as it has at this time it cannot but be significant. For what Tom Burgess has done is shown that in his court at least, Irish Republicans can get a fair shake under the British Legal System. Whether this judgement was handed down due to political pressures I know not, but I would like to think not. For if you read the judgement in full it is clear that the Judge is confident that Róisín, having being born at the height of the troubles to politically prominent parents, was also a victims of the troubles like countless of other youngsters in the north, whether they be Catholics or Protestants; and had in 1969 the lid not blown off the north of Ireland due to the contradictions within the statelet, the overwhelming majority of these youngsters would never have found themselves at the wrong end of the law.

That Róisín as a young child, witnessed her mother Bernadette Devlin McAliskey being shot and seriously wounded in the family home by a loyalist assassination squad, which incidentally at the time was almost certainly colluding in criminality with elements of the British Security Services, must have had an impact on the woman she became and partially explains her health problems in later life.

The Judge also makes clear that in his opinion, after the UK Home Secretary Jack Straw refused to extradite her to Germany back in 1998, Róisín has taken the opportunity to rebuild her life both personally and health wise and the judge mentions that Róisín and her Partner’s decision to have another child played a role when he came to his conclusions. Whilst he does not go as far as saying so he hints clearly that he feels in the future Róisín McAliskey will be a productive member of society. To his credit Judge Tom Burgess has taken an enormous weight of worry off the shoulders of this young mother and her family and not before time. I wish them well.

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Northern Rock, it’s a stick up cry the City lowlife!

The preverbal is beginning to hit the fan as more details of the Northern Rock crises are revealed, the Guardian leads today with a header, ‘Revealed Massive Hole in Northern Rocks Assets’. ‘Massive Fraud’ might have been a more appropriate headline. The papers correspondent Ian Griffith’s reveals that £53 billion of mortgages, over 70% of its mortgage portfolio is not now owned by the bank, but by a separate offshore company Granite.

The mortgages are now owned by this Jersey based trust company after having been used to underpin a series of bond issues to raise cash for Northern Rock. It means the pool of assets available to provide collateral for Northern Rock’s creditors were it to go bust, including the Bank of England, is dramatically reduced, calling into question government claims that taxpayers’ money is safe.

Were the UK Government and Bank of England aware of this fact when it offered the Northern Rock a line of credit of 20 billion pounds to keep the bank afloat. If not then by not revealing this should not free-market fundamentalist Matt Ridley, the heir to Viscount Ridley and chairman of Northern Rock and his board of directors at the time be having a visit from PC plod and end up in the dock of the Old Bailey. I will not be holding my breath but if there were any justice they would..

If one thinks back to when the Government leaned on a reluctant Governor of the Bank of England to bale out Northern Rock, one of the claims the Treasury made at the time was that tax payers coin was safe, as the loan to the struggling bank was secured against a healthy mortgage asset portfolio. Now we are being told not only was the Northern Rock’s mortgage assets portfolio not as healthy as the Chancellor claimed, it was 70% lighter than the public were led to believe.

If the government were unware of this fact when they lent billions of pounds of tax payers cash to the Northern Bank; the question to be asked is why not! As surly before instructing Mervyn King the Governor of the Bank of England to organize the line of credit, someone in the Treasury glanced at Northern Rocks accounts, after all this could not have been that difficult to do as the Guardian’s Ian Griffith’s seems to have had no trouble in doing so.

Many of the problems that are beginning to return to bite this Labour government are due to the fact that since 1997, the Blair/Brown duo at its helm has become far to close to big business. It uses it and trusts it implicitly, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the whole essence of capitalism for good or bad is having people over, and this is especially true of today when Big business operates in an increasingly unregulated world hence its love of globalization. Of course it is no accident that the company Granite that took on 70% of the Northern Rocks mortgages as collateral for loans is based in Jersey.

The Labour Government seems to have little real interest in how those businesses it signs contracts with actual operate at the coal face, beyond bringing the projects in on time that is. It almost has the attitude of saying to the contractors ‘enrich yourselves at the taxpayers expense’. We have seen this with the Dome, which Blair should have scraped when he first came into office, the maintenance contracts on the railways and London Tube and countless other project’s like City Academies, The Thames Gateway Project and the 2012 Olympics.

Just how deep this government is in bed with these Robber Barons, Bankers and Multinationals was demonstrated when they refused to even consider taking the Northern Rock into public ownership until the heat died down, when they could if they wished put the bank back on the market, ensuring the tax payers investment. Instead the Chancellor hawked the Northern Rock Bank around the City last weekend to no avail, as the Governments pals the Bankers, new they could knock down the price still further if they acted like a cartel. Remember, these global magnates for all their swish City Offices and Saville Row tailoring, have proved in Iraq just how brutal and light fingered they are. Thus they are demanding of the Government that it picks up the interest on the bank loans at the very least before they dig Gordon Brown out of his current hole.

Could it be that Big Capital having bled the British Exchequer dry under the Blair/Brown duo, now believe there are richer pickings to be had from a Conservative Government. If so, it cannot be long before Britain’s barometer of whom Capital supports, The Sun, throws its full weight behind David Cameron and starts demanding a Tory Government.


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Is Gordon Brown’s Ship of State Doomed and heading for the Breakers Yard.

As in life generally luck is an important factor if a politician is to have a successful career at the highest levels. When Tony Blair’s first came to Office his early years were characterized by not only a growing economy which is a plus for any incoming government, but he also had the good fortune not to have experienced any of those uncontrollable events which Harold Macmillan’s mentioned when asked by a journalist what can most easily steer a government off course and onto the rocks “events dear boy events” he replied.

Contrasts Blair’s baptism as Prime Minister with that of Gordon Brown, in the first six months of becoming PM Mr Brown has had to deal with outbreaks of foot and mouth disease and bird flue, flooding which hit mainly in middle class England, the very constituency Gordon Brown has spent a life time sucking up to. The collapse of the Northern Rock Bank and now the Treasury’s Revenue and Customs Department, due to gross negligence has lost the personal data of seven and half million British families, including details of their bank accounts, national insurance numbers and dates of birth.

Whether Prime Minister Brown can haul under its own steam his ship of State off the rocks is debatable, more likely as the vultures in the media gather it will be hauled off by the Labour Parties salvage experts in the full view of the conservative party’s media hacks and the wider electorate. Only to be towed home the long way round to be finally broken up at the next general election. For there is little doubt even without the latest set backs, the current Prime Minister’s administration would still be in a vulnerable position, as the Sub-Prime mortgage market looks increasingly shaky in the UK. With a section of it looking like it is about to implode and in the process it may well take with it a well known bowler hatted high street bank that gambled its future and its customers savings on the sub-prime mortgage market.

To make matters worse Mr Brown has an unstable US President on the verge of attacking Iran and demanding of him that he mimic Blair’s poodle like qualities.
In reality much depends on how Brown handles his relationship with the dying embers of the Bush administration, for come the next general election there will be a new President in the White House and if Brown becomes entangled with Bush over Iran, he will without a doubt go into retirement shortly after GW Bush leaves the stage and rightly so.

It has become clear from the invasion and occupation of Iraq that the markets love a war and if as is predicted the Democrats return to the White House on 2008, the Republicans will be only to happy to leave them a dreadful mess to clear up, especially in the international arena. The added advantage for Bush [and his corporate backers] of attacking Iran is it will provide rich pickings for the multi national corporations for years to come.

Thus for Bush and his neo-conservative pals an attack on Iran is a win win situation, but for Gordon Brown it would be the end of his Prime Ministership, which would end in the same ignominy as that of his enemy Tony Blair, perhaps that is as it should be as whilst Blair was in Number Ten, Brown publicly backed everyone of his dirty needs, from privatizations, attacks on the long term sick and disabled to the foolish wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Still we have not quite reached that stage yet and all is still not completely lost for Mr Brown. There is some time to go before a general election, if he wishes to survive Brown would need to remove Alistair Darling at the earliest opportunity and put Jack Straw in his place, for not only is Mr Straw a safe pair of hands he is also pliable and will not cause the PM to much distress. Somewhat harsh on Mr Darling who is a likable and capable minister, but it is high time our politicians stepped up to the plate and took full responsibility when their departments under perform.

There is even a plus for Mr Brown in the child benefit data fiasco, for it could give the PM, if he has the sense to take it, an opportunity to dump the ridiculous, costly and draconian ID card scheme of his predecessor Tony Blair. This would also have the additional advantage of saving the Exchequer billions of pounds, which the PM could channel into desperately needed projects elsewhere and in the process Mr Brown would avoid reams of critical copy and the howls of the civil rights lobby. He also would have more time to build a no strike on Iran alliance amongst his fellow political leaders within the EU and Commonwealth.

Whether he choses this road only time will tell, but if he does not then I’m afraid the Brown Ship of State is doomed for the breakers yard.

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