British TV portray Satrap General Pervez Musharraf as a Democrat.

Those of us who are on the political Left have long known how subjective the UK media is, but the advent of 24 hour TV news channels have taken this distortion of world events to new heights. Take a look at how BBC News24 and Sky News are reporting General Pervez Musharraf claim that he has been re-elected as President of Pakistan. Both channels are proclaiming that the Pakistani dictator has been elected with an overwhelming majority. Indeed Sky News has a permanent ticker tape on screen claiming that ‘President Musharraf wins landslide Victory’.

Oh really, I don’t think so as there has been no legal national and democratic Presidential election in Pakistan. What actually occurred was that the General’s cronies in Parliament had a round robin and decided to give their benefactor another term in the Presidential Palace.The opposition parties saw this mockney vote for what it was and would have no part of it. Not least because under Pakistani law General Musharraf is ineligible to stand as President for a number of reasons, some of which the Nations Surpreme Court is to decide on when it next meets on October 17th. Thus it became urgent for General Musharraf to re-claim the throne before the Court met, so his security services could get to work bullying the members of the Supreme Court to reach a decision in favor of their master. Whether the members of the Supreme Court stand their ground remains to be seen, but with the Pakistani legal profession increasingly asserting its independence we can but hope.

It is also interesting that the USA’s thus the UK’s favorite dictator is now portrayed on British TV screens dressed in civilian cloths’ and at the hustings which as no democratic election took place one must presume where a mock up of some sort. Pervez Musharraf like his predecessors as military Dictators of Pakistan has spent the last eight years being seen on TV dressed in military gold braid of the type so admired by satraps throughout the world. Yet it seems the BBC and Sky libraries have not a single frame of the new ‘Mockney El Presidency’ in his military uniform, for he is now being portrayed in civilian cloths, presumably to make him appear to be like any normal democratically elected head of State..

General Musharraf opinion on democracy and democratic accountability should be of interest to all democrats, the incompetent satrap seems to believe all that matters is to gain a majority, that the vote takes place only amongst his own supporters is of no importance, nor is the fact that out of the 164,741,924 souls who make up the population of Pakistan, the General gained the votes of only 252 of them; and as I have aforementioned every one a Pervez Musharraf crony. What matters to this winner of what Sky News calls a ‘landslide victory’ is that majority. I will leave this Pakistani paragon of fairness and democratic accountability with the last words,

“Democracy means majority, whether there is opposition or no opposition. A majority, a vast majority have voted for me and therefore that result is the result.”



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2 responses to “British TV portray Satrap General Pervez Musharraf as a Democrat.

  1. Neil Clark

    Great post Mick.
    When is a democratically elected leader labelled a dictator?
    When he does what the US State Dept and the emissaries of global capital tell him what to do.
    When is a dictator labelled a ‘democratically elected’ leader?
    When he does.

  2. darcall

    The question needs to be asked: “Exactly why is Musharraf the USA/UK’s favourite dictator?”

    The answer may very well be that he was put, or ‘helped’ into power eight years ago by the neo-con clique around George Bush as part of the preparation for the US’s ‘war on terror’. Afghanistan had already been singled out as an area of conflict, and for this to be successful the US needed a puppet “strong man” regime in Pakistan rather than what was perceived as an unreliable social democracy.

    After initially referring to him as General Musharraf, around six years ago the BBC began to present him as the legitimate President Musharraf. This was roughly about the time shortly after 9/11, when Tony Blair had pledged his alliance to the US’s ‘war on terror’.

    I have written to BBC objecting to Musharraf being presented as a legtimate president when in fact he is a military dictator. In vain of course.

    Musharraf has been a disappointment to his mentors in Washington. He has failed to oust the Taliban based in the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan and has failed to settle the domestic unrest which now threatens to unseat him, hence the bogus election and the horse trading with Benazir Bhutto. Obstacles to her return were cleared when Musharraf signed into law an amnesty quashing corruption charges against her.
    According to the Daily Telegraph: “The general swept to apparent victory yesterday in a presidential vote by federal and provincial politicians. He is likely to form an alliance with Ms Bhutto as premier after parliamentary polls in January – though his election must first be pronounced valid by the supreme court.
    But a power-sharing deal between the two long-standing enemies has infuriated many within Pakistan. Security officials fear that it may spur the country’s Islamic extremists to greater efforts against the government.”
    It was said in a BBC news report today that if Musharraf were ousted it would be detrimental to US interests, or words to that effect. It is difficult to see how a Musharraf-Bhutto alliance would be welcomed by the US government if it will result in an upsurge in civil unrest, although opposition politicians who resent Gen Musharraf’s closeness to the United States suspect that the amnesty was motivated by the Americans.
    “He has pardoned Ms Bhutto because the Americans wanted an ‘America friendly’ government in Pakistan in which she has been given a role,” said Imran Khan, the cricketer-turned-politician who heads Tehreek-e-Insaaf (Pakistani Justice Movement).
    Get that? “the Americans wanted an ‘America friendly’ government in Pakistan” Of course they did! Hence Musharraf! What price democracy? Despite their hallowed reverence for the term, successive US administrations have trampled it underfoot in numerous parts of the world when it suited them to do so, Chile 1973 being just one example.
    Many such “covert” operations were ham-fisted and shortsighted, especially when the US rulers felt secure in the belief that US hegemony extended to every corner of the civilised world. Their meddling in the affairs of nations considered not quite within this sphere, or what were termed ‘unfriendly regimes’ would often result in the resulting situation blowing up in their faces, as it did in Iran and some central American republics, with repercussions still reverberating around the world today, hence the current situation in Pakistan.
    The Telegraph: “Gen Musharraf has promised to shed his uniform and has announced his successor as head of the army, the former intelligence chief, Lt Gen Ashfaq Kiyani.”
    I’m sure that will meet with US approval.
    A Telegraph profile of Musharraf says: “Treated as a pariah after the coup, he became a vital Western ally after the terrorist attacks on America on September 11 2001 and has been credited with bringing his country back from the brink of bankruptcy, opening peace talks with India and promoting a more free press.”

    “he became a vital Western ally after the terrorist attacks on America” and thus became recognised as a legitimate president by the western media. And there is a strong likelihood that he brought his country back from the brink of bankruptcy with the help of US dollars.
    A hundred thousand of which was wired to Mohammad Atta, the chief 9/11 hijacker, a few days before the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon, from an ISI chief working with the CIA in Pakistan. And on the day of the attacks this guy was in Washington DC meeting his CIA chums.

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