Take Action Know! Release Myanmar protesters

Urgent Press release from Amnesty International [http://www.amnesty.org/]

Release Myanmar protesters

At least 500 people were reported to have been arrested in a crackdown on anti-government protests in Myanmar by the ruling State Peace and Development Council (SPDC).

The crackdown escalated on the evening of 25 September in the former capital Yangon, the second-biggest city, Mandalay, and also Meiktila, Pakokku and Mogok. There have been at least nine reported fatalities and Amnesty International has learned that many people have gone into hiding.

Some people were reported to have been arrested in the evening of 24 September, but most were seized during the following 48 hours, as the crackdown by security forces escalated. Among those arrested were hundreds of monks in Yangon.

Others arrested include:

Famous comedian and former prisoner of conscience Zargana
Myint Myint San (f), National League for Democracy (NLD) member
Paik Ko (m), NLD Member of Parliament, Pakokku
Par Par Lay (m), comedian (pictured)
Tin Aung (m), NLD Member of Parliament
Tin Ko (m), NLD youth member in Meiktila
U Win Naing (m), politician

Amnesty International believes these and other detainees are at grave risk of torture or other ill-treatment.

The security forces have reportedly beaten demonstrators with batons, used tear gas on crowds that defy orders to disperse and fired warning shots into the air. Despite the high tension, thousands of people continue to take to the streets in continued anti-government protests.

Read the latest news on the situation in Myanmar

Take action!

Please urgently send emails, faxes or letters in English or your own language. You may wish to use the suggested text below which you may cut and paste into your message.
You can copy and paste this sample letter into an e-mail or a document to print out. If you are planning to write your own appeal please read our letter writing guide.

Please send appeals to:

Foreign Minister Nyan Win
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Union of Myanmar
Fax: +95 1 222 950 OR +95 1 221 719

E-mail: mofa.aung@mptmail.net.mm

Please let us know if you have taken this action


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