Lesson for EU Left in Greek election result.

If you were to read what the UK and Irish mainstream press wrote about the result of the recent Greek General Election, one would have thought the Left’s performance amounted to little more than a dismal also-ran to the Right wing New Democracy[ND] and its leader Kostas Karamanlis. However this was far from the full picture as Dave Osler astutely pointed out on his web site.* If one adds up the percentages of votes cast, the left came out the poll with 51.29% of the total votes cast. Yet it is to be ND, with Kostas Karamanlis as Prime Minister who will be sworn in as the new Greek government, despite only receiving 41.84% of the vote. This fact is due to not only the vagaries of the Greek electoral system, but also the current inability of the Greek left to form an electoral alliance made up of the various left parties and factions.

As for the political parties to the left of Pasok, the two main elements increased there vote, with the Greek Communist party [KKK] gaining 22 seats in the new Parliament and the Coalition of the Radical Left [SYRIZA] 14, which is a joint increase of 18 seats since the last general election. Which is a step in the right direction and a timely reminder for the Left that if it is to have any real influence in the nation State’s of the EU, then it must enter into an Alliance/Coalition/United Front of Left parties; and until it does it will continue to fail to offer the voters a viable electoral alternative to the political Right.

The Greek Left.

Pasok–38.10%==102 seats.
Communist Party[KKK]–8.15%==22-seats.
Coalition of Radical Left[SYRIZA]–5.04%==14 seats.
Ecology[Green] Party–1.05%==0 seats.

The Greek Right.

New Democracy–41.84%==152 seats.
Popular Orthodox Rally–3.80%==10 seats.

* Dave Osler’s web site can be found here, http://www.davidosler.com/



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7 responses to “Lesson for EU Left in Greek election result.

  1. Gabriel

    Good article, I wonder if we are the only people on the left blogosphere who have spotted the significant trend in the Greek election…SF and LP take note….

  2. Mick Hall


    Indeed, although to be fair there have been some positive signs coming from SF and the LP of late as far as joint work is concerned.

  3. WorldbyStorm

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s only by parties of the left working in alliance (but not shedding their own identity) is there any prospect of achieving state power. Still, a long haul ahead, I suspect, and while the SF/LP are at least on working terms there are vast depths of antipathy, particularly on the LP side.

  4. Daisy

    Mick, I’m wondering why you haven’t blogged anything about the labour party conference. I thought you’d be up there watching everymove.

  5. Liam

    You can read an analysis in English of the election by Giorgos Sapounas (a member of KOKKINO and of the political secretariat of SYRIZA) here http://liammacuaid.wordpress.com/

  6. Mick Hall

    I am outside EU at moment hoping to get a handle on yet another party who promises the earth, [please for once let it be true;) you sound familiar are we old Internet buddies?

    Thanks Liam, will do what you suggest. If you wish to link I will be only to pleases to.

  7. Anonymous

    I’ve never met you, but I know you (sorta) from slugger. I’m glad all that northern ireland stuff is not so prominent now and perhaps get down to some real politics.

    I’ll look forward to your writing on the LP conference. 🙂


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