My Garden, one of life’s wonders.

There is more to life than politics alone.



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6 responses to “My Garden, one of life’s wonders.

  1. WorldbyStorm

    Very nice. And you have a patio.

  2. yourcousin

    Amem to that. Though I’m more of a vegetable garden kind of guy myself.

  3. Mick Hall

    your cousin

    My wife and grown up daughter have just got themselves an allotment, so next year I hope to have fresh vegetables and not the perfectly formed but tasteless varieties the super markets sell these days.

    The rent for the allotment works out at less than 1 Euro/50p per week and that is with the water too. Really good value. I have spent some time up there of late and it is quiet a community, next door is a doctor from Mauritius and next to him a former member of the BNP, yet they seem to get on well enough when discussing the secrets of the soil.

    Whilst the girls are digging and pulling weeds etc I’m sat on an old chair reading Ernie O’Malleys ‘On Another Mans Wound’. I fear the old boys either think im a ponce or a wimp 😉

  4. belfastwest

    Erin O’Malley’s on another mans wound eh? An excellent book, I read it years ago. I do hope if your family are growing the veg that YOU mick hall are cooking them and not eating it all up and becoming a couch potato.

    Lovely garden, I was writing about my garden too. I need to get some more pictures of it though.

  5. Deborah

    Beautiful garden Mick.

    Famed you and your site on BTF =)

    All the best!

  6. Madam Miaow

    Lovely, Mick. It’s important to have a haven, a sanctuary from the nonsense. Although, certain “comrades” would berate us for petit bourgeois tendencies. But then they would, wouldn’t they?

    I love gardening. Which never went down well in certain quarters. But WGAS?

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