Nineteenth Desmond Greaves School,Labour and Republicanism.

This year, the Nineteenth Desmond Greaves School will consider the theme: ‘Labour and Republicanism – The Way Forward?’ It will be held in the ATGWU Hall at 55 Middle Abbey St, Dublin 1, from Friday, August 24th to Sunday, August 26th.

The School will discuss republicanism as a political philosophy, the relationships and tensions between nationalism, republicanism, and socialism, and how republicanism and labour can contribute to progressive change in today’s Ireland.

Against this background, the Republican Congress of the 1930s and the career of Peadar O’Donnell will be reassessed. Among the speakers will be Dr Martin Mangergh, Dr. Eddie Hyland, Eamon Gilmore, Tom Hartley, Eoin O Murchu and Emmet O’ Connor.

Further information from 087-230 8330.

The Nineteenth Desmond Greaves School 2007

Labour and Republicanism – The Way Forward?

Venue: ATGWU Hall, 55 Middle Abbey St., Dublin.


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